Tutorial: long lasting nail polish

Just wanted to quickly share an awesome tip to keep your nail polish looking perfect for a long time. It depends on the quality of the polish
I only used this method with O.P.I. but this method should work with any brand. I usually get almost a week of perfect colour, no chipping. I also wash dishes everyday and not always with gloves :P

The secret ingredient vinegar.  Basically you just clan your nails with a cotton disc damp in vinegar between every application of nail polish.

So first you need to file and buff your nails, then rub them with some vinegar with the help of a cotton disc. This will remove any oils and make the nail polish stay.
Apply base coat, I'm using Rimmel London Nail Nurse nail base & top coat.

After it dries rub the nails again with vinegar. Let them dry and apply 2 coats of the polish of your choice, I'm using the one I bought the other day, Catrice in the colour 52Where is my Ferrari?. It's a pretty warm vintage red.
Rub some vinegar again and aply top coat and you're done :D