Goth basics: 'definition' & music suggestions (videos)

Hell(o) there !
I see a lot of people, mostly girls, that are very interested in Gothic fashion. Actually it's kind of a trend nowadays because many elements of  the Goth fashion are introduced in the mainstream.
The 'problem' in my opinion is that many of these people have little to no idea about what Goth is.

Everyone is different and has the right to dress and act how they want but if you are, let's say a fan of the Goth fashion, at least you can learn about the whole subculture. Learn about the meaning of the fashion, the cultural aspects, history, music etc. You don't have to agree with everything, you don't have to like everything but you do need to have knowledge in the field.

The Gothic culture is very vast. It includes all arts, culture and social aspects. It's very complex and hard to define but in general all Goths have very similar lifestyles, tastes and mindsets.
These include the fallowing elements (or some of them) : the color black, spooky things, fascination with death, goth music, horror movies, Gothic literature, seeing beauty in places that are considered negative etc. 
There are goths that don't even like Gothic music but love all the other aspects, like movies, literature, fashion etc.  and that's ok. But all of them should know some basics about the music too.

I recommend these videos :

Here are some examples of basic Gothic music from  Allison Eckfeldt aka kazlovesbats on youtube. There are many more awesome bands out there and discovering them is quite a musical adventure :)

I also recommend the Wikipedia page about Goth subculture for basic information.