If you can't buy it, make it

Hell(o) readers !
I want to show you some of my diy projects that I finished today.
I was searching for a Cruxshadows shirt for quite a while now but didn't found any, only from their website and I still don't feel comfortable with buying from outside Europe ( because of the mail/customs taxes and such). Didn't found any European site to buy from so I decided to make it myself, at least until I find one :D.
I also did a Batcave top. I think it turned out great, I love it a lot :D
 The Cruxshadows symbol looks like a Chinese letter lol, I hate that but I wear it for myself and I know what it means so that's the most important :D
I also started crafting little things from the leftover leather that I have. I bought a bunch of eyelets and my boyfriend improvised some tools to set them, I didn't bought any proper tools yet, I'll see how it goes. I'm not an expert or anything just wanted to create something nice from all the leather I have :D
I have 2 designs for corset type belts. I'll sell them on my shop with pre-orders.

I'm actually proud of them, being my first experience in working with leather.

 I also got some new stuff. Shoes (again)
These cute Mary Janes I got from a facebook friend. She always has nice shoes for sale but rarely my size, this time I got lucky ;)

And I also found these amazing vintage Sonax boots on a selling site (olx). They are very confortable and in a pretty decent shape.
And from a small shop here in my town I found an amazing pair of pants. They have second hand stuff (first quality) and new (big brands) defective stuff, meaning they have tags and all but have small defects and they are like half the price.The pants are originally from Bershka and the design is so pretty :3. They are 2 seizes too big, they are meant to be extra tight, but fit well and comfortable on me. They are very black but look grey in the picture because i wanted to make the design pop out more.
I also got this witchy purple ... thing from a second hand shop. I got a lot of compliments on it :)

Now I'm gonna have a late dinner, hot shower and watch American Horror Story,  we have just a few more episodes from Freakshow. Maybe I'll do a personal review of the series ;)