Movies, books and Earth Hour

Hell(o) there !
I'm having a pretty relaxing weekend, it's cloudy but it's not raining yet, I hope it does soon haha. I love rain !
Friday I got this lovely shirt from a girl on facbook, it works very well with leather pants for that 80's vibe that I adore.

I also got some new books, poetry actually. I haven't been reading a lot lately. It's because I prefer reading with natural light and winter does not want to cooperate :) But the days started to get longer and I hope to read all the stuff that I planned soon. But poetry is short, relaxing and powerful. You should really check out Eva's poetry if you haven't already it's so deep and different from other modern poets, I love it.
We did a bit of shopping Saturday. This was my outfit, a bit casual and lazy ;)
And makeup
I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to re-watch some older movies. Last time I saw 'Campfire Tales'' was on VHS :)). I really want the 80's and 90's back ...
We also cerebrated Earth Hour with candlelight dinner :)

Today I want to see some other old movies and some episodes from ''The walking dead'' because the season finale is up and we still have a bunch of episodes to watch :))