My favorite alternative models *part I

Hell(o) everyone !
Hope you had a nice weekend.
I'm back on the blog to show you a few of my favorite alternative models. I fallow a lot of beautiful ladies, they give me inspiration, not only with their looks but also with their attitude.
Alternative models are a bit different from 'normal' models because general they are not JUST models, they are creative persons, most of them do their own make-up, styling, clothing design, photography, music etc. This makes them much more than a pretty face and body.
Without further ado, here's some eye-candy for you ;) :

1. Razor Candi is the most famous death-rock girl on the entire net. She's very versatile in her shoots and has an amazing figure. She also has a blog you might enjoy.

2. Shelly d'Inferno is not only a model, she's also a fire performer, MUA, stylist and clothing designer at her own little brand Heavenly Inferno clothing. Some of her photos just take my breath away :D

3. Mahafsoun is best known for her belly-dance, she has worked as a performer with Moonspell and Epica among others. She's an artist passionate about photography, videography and piano.
Her look is very classy and just beautiful.

4. Model Ashtrayheart is also a photographer for her page Ashtray Arts Photography. I really love her darker looks :)


5. Elle Pax is one of the very few alternative models from Romania. She now resides in Norway and is represented by Nocturnal Agency. She often does her own make-up and styling and her boyfriend helps with the photography. 
A classic flawless beauty :