New stuff, witch stuff

Hell(o) everyone.
Just wanted to do a quick post showing some new goodies I got these past days.

So my silver brocade waist cincher from Draculacloting just arrived. I'm very happy with it :D. I just recomend getting maybe a size smaller with cinchers because they allow to be tighten more that a normal corset.
I also got a lovely blouse and a velvet witchy skirt from a girl on facebook (second hand)

I finally got a bat ring to go with my pendant and my earnings :D

I also got some new pants. These are from Zara, they are new but I couldn't help it, the design is so pretty :D

And shoes.
This are some H&M witchy boots, they don't have this design anymore, I got it online from a girl, second hand but they look really good.

And these ones I got from a cheap online store (bfashion). I'm not a fan of these online shops that bring their stuff probably from China :)). But they were not expensive and the quality is... let's say decent :P. What made me buy them was of course the design.