Why buy second hand ? (with real examples)

Hell(o) everyone.
First of all I want to wish you a Happy Friday the 13th ! I'm not superstitious, but I have to admit that it's a date full of meaning and history that accumulated trough the years.
And now back to 'serious business' ;)
The reasons why I personally like to shop second hand are various. I started shopping at thrift stores since I was a kid and didn't actually had money to buy new clothes lol. It was considered embarrassing to shop there. And now it's cool. I guess times do change :P

1. Unique pieces. At second hand shops you often find pieces that are no longer in 'normal' shops for many years and are discontinued. You can also find custom made clothes or true vintage pieces. If it's from a thrift store chances are you won't bump into someone else with the exact item you're wearing. I hate that ! :))

2. They are very cheap ! f you are a bit of a shopaholic, thrift stores are perfect ;). You can shop a lot and don't get into debt :D

3. The quality is very good. I always said that if a second hand item still looks good after being worn and washed don't know how many times, well the quality is definitely above many 'normal' cheap shops for sure.

4. Because it's cheap it's more affordable to buy materials for modyfing, customizing etc. without being afraid to ruin something expensive. I love this and I often modify my clothes. Sometimes I keep them and others times I sell ;).

5.  Second hand shops have lots of clothes and the stock is renewed often, most of the shops get new stuff every week or even twice a week !

6. Thrift stores have many things besides clothes. Many of them have interesting house items, furniture and decorative stuff.

7. Your money goes to the local community, a small shop or even a friend, instead of retail monopolies.

8.  It's green. Recycling clothes, accessories and even furniture is great for the environment.

9. The thrill of the hunt. The happiness you get when you find that perfect item for super cheap.

10. You can also shop online for second hand goodies. The risk it's a bit higher because you don't see the product only in photos but because there are not a lot of money involved it's not that big of a deal.