A few things that I got recently (random post)

Hell(o) there.
Just a post to show you some of the interesting things I got these days in preparation for the warmer days :).
I got the Hell Bunny Roseanna jacket finally. I've been drooling over it for qite some time and I'm happy I got it because it's amazing, it looks much prettier in reality. Can't wait to try out a few looks with it :D
I also got in the mail (finally) my 2 new corsets from Leatherotics. I'm starting waist/corset training. But more on that in other post ;)
Nyx Art made this amazing necklace and bracelet for me. I love them so much :D

The next few things are all second hand :
This beautiful 'xtrax gothic' Medusa dress I got from a girl on facebook (Lilith Clothes). It's quite impressive
 Some summer goth tops :P
I also have a lot of flowy blouses, and a few shirts, some black and some white. I got them specially for corsets. Some are simple and some are more Victorian type. Here's an example of simple blouse with some lace print :
I needed a blazer and found this one. I tough it was a plain blazer and when I tried it on I saw the back : silver embroidery in the shape of... some wings (?). It's actually pretty cool.
Found a The 69eyes T-shirt. Look how cute it is :

I also got 2 lipsticks from essence. I actually like them a lot. Super cheap (13 lei/3 euros), good quality. What more can you ask for. I got these 2 shades but I'll probably get more :D.
In love with the red one ( Adorable Matt!)  it's a deep matte red. Intense color and lasts for a few hours with no problem.

P.S. I also dyed my hair a very dark purple.
 I'll show it of with some photos on a sunny day :)