Advice for shopping online (thrifting)

Hell(o) there.
I've been wanting to do a post like this for quite a while now. I finally got around it and decided to write it.
This is mostly based on my personal experience. I always lived in small towns and often relied on online shopping so I learned quite a few tips. These are mostly oriented towards second hand clothes and accessories but some of them are general.
If you buy online it's always with a small risk, if you buy second hand online the risk is even bigger.
Hope these are useful

- If you are on facebook (or other socializing sites) find out about selling groups (or forums) and join them, this way you have a chance of knowing some info about the seller.

- If you are searching for a particular type of  chloting or accessories, before heading to the mall ask around. Ask your friends online and offline, chances are somebody has it and they are willing to sell a lot cheaper that in stores.

- Also on facebook there are pages made by people who sell their stuff, if they have lots of 'likes' and the page is active, has positive comments & feedback it's usually safe to buy from them. You can also ask around for people who bought from that page/seller and find out if everything was ok.

- Always ask for all the information beforehand. Ask measurements and extra photos if you need them. If the seller refuses you might not want to buy from him.

- If you have doubts, ask if you can change the product or get a refund. A private seller has no obligation to do this but some of them will allow you to at least change the item. Refund is extremely rare with private sellers.

- Always be polite with the seller. If you are a jerk most likely they will refuse to sell or refuse to give you more information. Don't blame that on the seller :)). If the seller is a jerk, you might not want to buy from them.

- If it's possible, meet face to face with the seller and see the item yourself.

- Don't let yourself fooled about the shipment costs. Research the rates of the the mailing company (post office or couriers), they all have some sort of calculator on their sites or ask someone who is

familiar with them.

- Try to negotiate the price. Don't be rude about it but ask and make an offer, many of the sellers might be willing to cut a bit from the price especially if you buy more than one thing.

- It is safer to pay when you receive the product especially if you don't know anything about the seller. You can also pay a part of the price before they send you the product and them pay the rest when you receive it. But if you know and trust the seller paying in advance is cheaper and usually a better alternative.

- Always wash and/or disinfect everything you buy. Even if they smell nice. Wash the clothes and disinfect accessories, shoes, bags etc. (you can do this with a cloth damped in alcohol)

- Last but not least, take the risk, you might just find amazing stuff a lot cheaper than you expect.