Wearing a corset with my asymmetrical waist

Hell(o) there !
I am planing a post about corsets, a beginner's guide type of thing where I'll mostly just have the information I gathered in the last months organized in a post. It's a lot of information and I have problems in sorting it so it might take a while.
But I'm here now with a post about my new corset and my body.
I recently got 2 corsets from Letherotics, as some of you know, and I started seasoning them (breaking them in). I'm wearing each for about an hour or 2 a day, increasing the time gradually.
I also wanted to show you how a real corset works and what are my problems that made me want to start corset training.

I have some back pains, body asymmetry, posture issues and anxiety. Believe it or not a corset can improve all these issues. I also have a rather big waist for my body.
Disclaimer : I don't think waist size or shape to be a 'problem' but if I can modify it to my preference well I will give it a try :D I am really not obsessed with my body but I do keep a rather healthy/varied diet.

In this post I want to show the more obvious issue. My asymmetry (not scoliosis) . Nobody is symmetrical, I know that and I hope that by showing you this and if you have a noticeable asymmetry you know that you ar not alone :)
I just noticed my 'problem' in my late teens, It is a birth 'defect' and it doesn't bother me most of the times but depends on the clothes and situation. I know for a fact that many acquaintances didn't notice this until I showed them so yea :))) it's mostly for me.

If I wear a rather loose top you can't really tell :
 But my waist is kinda weird :))). My right size is ok, but my left size is... straight. (mirror image)
Let's see what happens when i put on my corset. It's not fully cinched. It's at about 5 cm/2 inch reduction. I have the model 1214, made from strong cotton in size 20. 
Magic :D
 My waist can be anywhere from 62 cm to 68 cm depending on the time of the day, food, time of the month etc. In the photo I'm about 63 cm measured over the corset and about 67 without. So not a big reduction.
My waist almost looks 'normal'.
There are special corsets, custom made for asymmetrical bodies but I really can't affort hundreds of euros on one of those.
I'm happy with this result, the waist will be even more tiny when I'll close it all the way (or almost all the way) and the asymmetry will become less visible. I can wear it over the clothes or underneath.
The corset also gives me back support and a great posture improving my confidence and anxiety especially when I go out.