Do you know what you are buying ? (exposing with examples)

Hell(o) dear readers.
Today I'm going to talk to you about a subject that is very important for me, and it should be relatively important for everyone.
We work very hard for the (little) money we have, most of us at least haha. But I'm talking about the working class, the normal class, you and me.
We also want to have pretty things, especially the girls. We are very influenced by fashion and we really want those shoes, that dress etc. Many time we don't afford it and we find the cheapest alternative. But do you know who you are supporting with those hard working money ?
In the alternative 'world' we have a few brands specialized in designing the prettiest clothes for us. The owners, designers and tailors are alternative people most of the times, just like us. Examples of brands : Draculaclothing, Queen of Darkness, Alchemy Gothic, Lip Service, Killstar, Punk Rave, RestyleBlack Milk, Demonia(now closed) and many more. Check out this article 13 Influential Gothic Fashion Brands.
If you want to support these brands you might want to buy original clothing from them. It might be a bit more expensive but it's way better to have one high quality item that supports the brand you like than 5 cheap items that will break in 2 weeks.
Chinese wholesale shops are flourishing right now, they are so many. They make copies of the brands (all brands, all items even cars lol ) with low quality materials and sell them cheaper or sometimes even at the same price ! Here's another article How China's ripping off designs.
You don't have to buy from China to have a copy. Many many shops buy from there. You buy from a shop in Romania but they have all theirs stuff from China.
I found some examples of rip offs. And there are A LOT more but these are just what I found in 20 minutes or less.

Here is an example of ripping off Restyle :
 In the pictures from the left you can see an example from the Restyle website. Their T-shirts are made out of either 100% cotton or sometimes 95% cotton and 5 % elastan. Never polyester.
In the pictures from the right you can see the same t-shirt with the same girl model and the restyle logo cut off (!!). At half the price. In the description it doesn't really say much, the materials are not clear and the brand name is ''brand new'' lol wtf ? :))))

Example 2.
The extremely famous gothic leggings/pants Macbeth.
Again, on the left we have images from the official Punk Rave website , with a detailed photo of the leggings. You can't see the description here (sorry) but it says pleather (imitation leather)  with embroidery and brocade pattern, so it's a very complex design.
On the right you can find the ripoff at almost half the price marketed as genuine leather (LOL). The description is again very unclear and the photos are horrible. You can find a close up (forgot to insert here) that just by looking at it you know it will probably brake in a few wears. The design is actually a bit different for example on the ripoff there's no brocade pattern.

Here are 2 examples of corsets, i know corsets are very popular
In the first photo on the left is an image from the site Leatherotics (UK). If you are not familiar with them they are a pretty well known brand that is specialized in leather clothes, accessories and corsets (leather and non leather) they also make custom corsets for waist training (planning to buy from them some corsets soon btw ;) ) It's worth 483 euros (117 euros on sale). Genuine leather.
See the very famous corset design available in different colors being ripped off not only the design but in the bottom right even the picture (!).  It's true that it's not marketed as leather but in the site where they use the same photo (well in a slightly different position) it is false marketing. Why ? Because a well made corset made by specialist tailors is NEVER going to give the same figure as a Chinese one. And I know for a fact that the quality is really bad, I had a few. I actually still have one (different design) that I bought some time ago but still keep because I like the design, don't wear it often because I'm scared it's going to break hahaha
Here's more :

This time with 2 examples. Same story as above. Not saying you have to buy the leather corsets just wanted to raise awareness about what many shops do. There are a few offers on Leatherotics for leather, satin or cotton high quality corsets (plenty reviews online) for waist training or just for fashion (custom made option available) starting at around 40-50 euros on sale and that's not a lot (with a real value of over 100 euros). Those will last for years even if you wear them every day !
There are also other good sites that offer well made corsets at pretty good prices like Draculaclothing or Restyle.

I know there are many more examples I've seen a lot over the time but as I said these were found in like 20 minutes or so. I'm sure you all saw a few examples as well.
You don't have to buy just from the official shop, but make sure that the place you are buying from sells the real deal. If it's cheaper than the official store (and not talking about sales) it's usually something wrong. Or if the materials are not available (not even when asked). 

So again, where do you want to send your hard working money ? To the companies you love. To help the European economy this way. Or to the ripping off Chinese factories ? Do you even know how a  those factories are ? Do you know how they treat the employees ?  Do you know what materials are used ?
We are too poor so waste our money on cheap stuff. We need quality, long lasting stuff !
Just think about it.