Restyle & Punk Rave review

Hell(o) there ! :D
I'm very excited to finally do my review on 2 awesome brands : Restyle and Punk Rave.
As many of you know, I have a personal online shop and recently started to bring stuff from different alternative brands. I made my first order last week and I already got them.
First of all the shipping was fast but a bit expensive, I paid 24 euros. I have a small commission from the items but it's not a lot after the expenses, I barley got enough to pick some things from myself let alone gain money with this. Because I don't want to overcharge my customers, I'm weird like that :)).
I am however missing an item (a tank top), I e-mailed the company and I'm waiting to see what do I have to do about it.
But I'm very happy with the products. I opened everyone of them and inspected a bit the fabrics and overall quality.

I'm going to show you what I got :
Restyle :

personal :

Punk Rave :
personal :

 Make up from Stargazer :

General opinions/review :
The bags are pretty well made and seem durable enough. The backpack had some markings, although they were all packaged really well. I'm sure it will wear off eventually. I love the prints on them. I got the eyeball one for myself and I think I might need more bags. Even if I'm not really a 'bag person', these are just too lovely.

The t-shirts are made out of cotton (some designs have 100% some 95% coton and 5% elastane). They are soft but not thin and the prints are perfect. I found out the the XS is not extremely small and I actually can recommend size smaller for tank tops if you want them to be fitted.
I have a T-shirt from restyle for a longer time and washed it multiple times and it still looks like new.

I even checked the stitches. You can also see the fabric in this photo
The jackets are also high quality. I love my Punk Rave Victorian velvet jacket/coat, I needed a spring/autumn fancy jacket for a while now. I had a military type one (like the restyle one but from HR London) but the military style didn't suit me that well. You will surely see some outfits with this coat in the near future ;)

The famous Punk Rave leggings are so pretty. I got a pair for a client and another extra pair to sell. The detailing is really impressive. They are a bit expensive but they can't be compared with the imitation ones.

Also the lovely blouse from restyle is so much prettier in real life :
 As for the makeup, I use the white foundation (+a regular one) for a long time and It's perfect for me. I didn't used the Stargazer pressed powder, that one is for a client but I read good reviews on it and I might try it myself with the next order.
Also the cameo belts are nice. I also have one with bats. It goes with everything : dresses, corsets etc. they also have matching bags :D

So that's about it.
They are all good quality for the price and I'm happy with them.
I'm just a little concerned about the missing tank top, hope we can settle it out. It's not a huge amount of money but still... I payed for it and it's nice to receive it eventually, specially because it's for a client.
I will do another order next month but it depends on how i can resolve the mentioned issue...
They responded to my e-mail very quickly and refunded the money. I'm so happy and relieved. Very good service !