Horned by restyle

Hell(o) there !
I got another package from Restyle today. I only bought a black stargazer lipstick for myself but my customers ordered a lot of pretty stuff, including 2 of the horned head-wear they have. I was actually very pleased with the quality. I'm not a huge fan of this kind of ... adornments but I actually love thees.
I couldn't help myself so I did a quick  photo shoot with them :)
The first one is with the deer antlers with orchids :
(Click on the photos for full view)

 And second is the diabolical maleficent headband

Close -up

I actually might buy one for myself. They are pretty cool.
I'm doing another order next week because finally the corset I've been wanting is on stock again. I've been waiting for a few months.   Just have to reach the minimum order value.
I'm getting the Brocade Underbust: