Make-up, skin care, new in, outfit, riding bike etc.

Hello there !

I'm back with a little haul and outfit post :)
The other day I got my first makeup brushes set. Yup, I didn't had a proper set before, just some random brushes. The brushes are ''Fraulein 38'', it's a 12 brushes set ''Black Extravaganza'' and an extra flat brush for foundation. They look pretty good for the price, the quality is ok, they do have some fall-outs but it doesn't bother me too much.

I also got a new foundation to mix with my white stargazer. I got the Maybelline Better Skin in the shade 'cameo', I know there are one or 2 lighter shades but they didn't had them at my local shop so I decided to get this one. Mixed with the white foundation it looks pretty good and stays for a good  amount of time, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Untouched photo with the foundation  mix, applied lightly (click for full view) :
I have some acne scaring, freckles and uneven skin tone, some days my skin looks decent and some days it looks horrible, you know how that goes... 
It does get worse with age and I'm trying to be as kind as possible with my face :)
As for my skin care routine it's very easy : I pretty much only use coconut oil for my face. When I go out I also use some face cream with SPF + the foundation that also has some SPF.
The coconut oil is amazing, I love it, I use it on my hair and body, it smells really nice, the one I have is for cosmetic use, it's not expensive and lasts for quite some time.

I remove my make-up with either olive ore coconut oil or some make-up removing wet wipes and also wash my face after that with a face wash from 'Yves Rocher', one of my favorite brands.
I scrub my face with either baking soda & olive oil or brown sugar & olive oil once or twice a week. Also once a week or once every 2 weeks I do some steaming with hot water and lemon or random tea, put a towel over my head and stay there for about 10 minutes, then I put a honey mask on for 20 minutes and rinse.
And that's pretty much it, no fancy skin care products, trying to use natural ingredients, I think they are healthier and less expensive.

Some of the things I got recently :

I got a handmade sleeping mask inspired from my cat, Murmur :). It's so cute :
New sunglasses, cat-eye shape, i love them. I'm going to buy another pair with a more exaggerate shape. I already sold my old ones. I don't like to keep a lot of stuff ;)
 And I got my first pair of 'YRU', the model is 'Mirage', they were on super sale.

 Here's my look from this Saturday :

Sunday I started learning how to ride a bike. Yeah, I'm 26 and I can't ride a bike lol. My boyfriend is teaching me, he's an awesome teacher but I find it very difficult ... hope I'll learn soon because it's great exercise ;)