Underworld vampire photo-shoot

Hell(o) there !
It was a rainy day and I decided to go out for a few photos. My inspiration was the vampire Selene. It's not really a cosplay but the feel of the photos are very reminiscent of Underworld, one of my favorite movies ever. My favorite character is Viktor.
I found out that posing in a corset is really hard and many of the photos were ruined by my stiff poses... It felt natural while doing them but after  I saw them I was horrified :))). Have to work on that.
I edited (not perfect) the eyes, didn't had any contact lenses.
I'm wearing : Punk Rave coat, Demonia boots, Leatherotics corset, old vintage belt, sh Amnesia shinny leggings with lace print and Alchemy Gothic pendant.
So here are some of the 'not so bad' ones :
 click on them for full size 

Also, thanks to my lovely boyfriend for helping me with the photos :D