Vintage inspired outfits & make-up (nyx)

Hell(o) there :)
I'm back to show you some of my outfits from the last few days. I've been in a 'old style mood' lately, well... more then usual :)), watching some interviews with Dita Von Teese (my favorite woman in the world) and researching old glamor from actresses, pin up models etc. Some of this influence is very often present in my style combined with other dark subcultural elements.

I'm wearing a sh blazer, my corset, handmade Cruxshadows T-shirt , the shoes are h&m. I had a bad hair day so I tied a bandana over it. This look is a mix of everything :)) This is what happends when my mind can't decide on more specific looks :
Second hand dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes, bag from restyle, 
Cat eye sunglasses, on my lips I'm wearing the amazing 'Monte Carlo' from 'nyx cosmetics'.

I got this amazing skirt from Aradia, it's handmade. I actually won a 50% off contest and got the skirt at half price. I'm in love wit it . The top is second hand and the shoes are YRU
The necklace is from the beautiful Gabriela and her Equinox Jewelry & Accessories, she has really nice stuff. 
On my lips I'm wearing 'Perfect Red' from 'nyx cosmetics'
Speaking of nyx cosmetics, this is what I got :

NYX Matte Lipstick Perfect Red

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Monte Carlo

NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection PinUpTease

Eyeliner NYX Slim Eye Pencil Black

The lipsticks are amazing. The color of the matte lipstick is exactly that : perfect.
The Lip Cream dries matte and stays for a really long time. It dries the lips a bit but that's normal. The color is way way better in real life then in photos. Both lipsticks stay on really well even after I ate, drink or kissed. My boyfriend loves the fact that it doesn't come off :))I need more shades of red (obviously) :D
The mascara doesn't get clumpy, it's very clean and can be built up.
I now usually use essence eyeliner pens from my upper eyelid and still searching for a decent eyeliner for my waterline. I only used 'farmec' for almost 15 years on my waterline and now I can't seam to find it anywhere, it's a vintage eyeliner pencil, super cheap, creamy and very dark.I just can't find anything like it.
The one I bought from nyx is ok but not what I'm searching for.