World Gothic Day outfit + The goth tag

Hell(o) and Happy World Goth Day !
With this dark occasion I decided to do the goth tag and show you the outfit I prepared for this gothy day with the new Geisha Wig that I got in the mail today (Ice Queen)

And now the goth tag questions :

1. How long have you been goth?
 - I had a taste for all dark things since I can remember really. I liked horror movies and dark aestetics since I was a kid. It's difficult to say an exact time when I ... 'turned' goth but probably before I even knew what goth is.

2. How were you introduced to goth?
- Trough movies like The Crow, Interview with a vampire, Tim Burton's movies, The Craft etc. literature with Stephen King, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, E. A. Poe etc.  and music, metal music actually. I started listening to metal before anything goth, when I was about 13-14.
Here's me with part of my Stephen King collection.

3. What gothic subgenre would you put yourself in?
- For me I like classic styles: trad, glamor, deathrock, rockabilly influences and Victorian. I like combining theses styles.

4. What do you believe to be the bases of the gothic subculture?
The love and interest in dark/gothy art.

5. What do you dislike about being goth?
- The summer :)) It's not easy being goth in the summer.

6. What do you parents think of it?
- Not much. They don't really care. I'm close with them, they are very open minded (especially my mum) and for most of the times (with some exceptions) they like my style.

7. Eyebrows or no eyebrows?
- No eyebrows or half eyebrows. Mine are very very light and I have to draw them either way, if I shave them It's easier for me. I now have just a bit of eyebrows, about 1 cm, it's usefull for a starting point.

8. What is your favorite band?
- This is a very hard one. I don't have a favorite band. I have a lot of bands and they change every so often. But since this is a goth tag I'm only concentrating on the gothy bands. I love goth metal, I listen to Moonspell, Paradise Lost, old Theater of Tragedy and all that good stuff. Other bands that I love are The Cruxshadows, 69Eyes, Type O negative etc.
Of the more oldschool goth bands I like Specimen, The Sisters Of Mercy, Two Witches, Lacrimosa,  Daine Lakaine, etc.
But this is a complicated subject, I'll do a post about music ;)

9. Your opinion on Marilyn Manson?
- I think he's awesome. I liked him sice I was a kid. His lyrics are what got to me, more than the music itself. I like his old stuff more.

10. What were your baby bat days like?
- They were pretty decent. I went to high school in Spain and was lucky enough to be supported by my teachers to evolve in whatever I liked.
 I remember I used to wear a lot of long skirts, black obviously :) 
 I was very rarely ridiculed abut my look  but you know kids are sometimes mean.


 This is from 2007 (I think), I was 18 and the photo is taken Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.