Darkest sunshine (outfit)

Hell(o) ghouls !
 The sun was very strong today and I look a bit pissed haha , it was hard keeping the eyes open, especially since I have very sensitive eyes. I can't go out without my sunglasses.
I'm wearing all thrift store clothing. 
Shoes are New Rock, the skulls necklace and hair clip are from Zenith's Little Shop of Horrors , the little red one is a ruby pendant from Nyx Art, sunglasses are from asos.
The bag-pack is also second hand, I accessorized it with Dracula and Nosferatu pins :)
On my lips I'm wearing Sleek lipstick in Cherry. 
I'm also wearing sunscreen :))

click on photos for better view

I know I've been posting lots of photos on the blog and less writing but i was too busy and didn't actually felt like writing too much.
I'll just post on this blog when I feel the need to do so and don't really follow any schedule
. I did get some new stuff but you'll see it all in future posts/photos :)