My make-up theory

Hell-o ghouls :)

There's a lot of talking about make-up these days. Both negative and positive. I don't really understand all this concern about make-up honestly... It's been around since...forever both in men and women just do a little research on the history of make-up, it's actually really interesting ;)
 I like make-up and I don't feel comfortable in shaming someone who wears different make-up or someone who doesn't wear it at all.

Some wear make-up every day. And that's ok. If you wear good quality make-up and take care of your skin, there shouldn't be any problems and even if there are, it's your decision to do what you want with your face as long as you know the consequences.

 Some don't wear make-up at all, or wear it only on occasions, and that's also fine, nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your face. Beauty comes from inside. From inside your mind and from inside a healthy body.

My theory is that make-up should be fun and a tool for self expression and creativity.
It's not about lying, not about fake impressions and not even about beauty.
It's about art and in art there are no rules.
For me it is not a mask, I know who I am and I'm not ashamed, I'm not hiding, it is a just my way of expressing myself.
I don't think it has to do with confidence either. Some people need lots of courage to go out with a red lipstick and feel more confident not wearing any make-up and some feel more confident with a full face make-up so it depends on every person.
Maybe the best way is to find the way to be confident regardless of the make-up. Find the confidence inside you not in the exterior.

Some people like to paint on a piece of paper and some like to paint on their faces (and bodies).
How does this affect you? How does a shape of an eyebrow affect your life ? Are you really that superficial ? I can't understand the hate and feeling of superiority with something so ... trivial as make-up :)))
Even if you don't like something, you have a right to your opinion but there's no reason to be rude towards other people. 

Also, your partner will love you for who you are and doesn't really care about these things ;)

So I wish people would stop taking it so serious and just have fun breaking the 'rules' . Just make sure you learn them before hand ;)