Favorite things from June

Hell(o) ghouls!
I'm back with a new post, this time about my recent favorite stuff.
From the month of June to be more specific.
I might do these posts every month because it's a great way to share some of the things I like and keep things a bit more organized :)

Beauty & Make-up.
I've been using the gel liner from Rimmel London almost every day. It lasts all day, even in the heat. It doesn't smudge either.  I forgot how much I like gel liners in general.

I also used many times in the past month the NYX soft matte cream in the color Amsterdam. It's such a summery color and I'm obsessed with NYX at the moment.

Clothing & Accessories.
 The month of June was not extremely hot, we even got some rainy days. I wore my new creepers all the time during those days. They are very comfortable and good quality, they were ordered from UK.  They are also available to order in my shop.

And this dress that I found in a sh shop. It's pretty old fashioned and gives that vintage vibe that I adore. I think it's lovely, very comfortable and easy to wear during the summer.

I'm wearing the ruby pendant I got from Nyx art ever since I receive it and I don't think I'm going to get bored of it too soon.

Fruits and vegetables ! The season of cherries and strawberries and all that good stuff, oh my. I've been eating lots of fruit in the past month. Salads, smoothies, everything !

'Get the gringo' from 2012. This movie was so funny, don't know how come I haven't seen it before.

TV Show.
One of the best tv shows ever : Penny Dreadful. I was so reticent about it, I was under the impression it was just a boring 19th century style movie but everyone was so interested in it I decided to give it a shot. I loved it and I'm sad that it's over but can't wait for the 3rd season.
My favorite character is without doubt Caliban aka The Creature aka John Clare. The quotes are amazing and I kinda' find myself in many of his monologues... 
My second favorite character is Dorian Gray. Also because of his quotes and because I just find him interesting and mysterious. I don't necessarily like the way he looks but his attitude sure makes him very attractive !

The new album from Paradise Lost : The Plague Within.
 This album is bad-ass. My all time favorite album from them will always be Gothic but after all this time they still mage to make beautiful music.
Started to read again. I have periods of excessive reading and periods in which I don't read at all. I entered in my reading period from the past month and I started with Stephen King's Doctor Sleep.
I still have about a third to go but I loved it so far. I missed Stephen King's world so much !
This one is the sequel to The Shinning and we find out what happened to Danny Torrance after the Overlook disaster.
Still have a bunch of books to read next :D.