The 10 albums that changed my life

Hello ghouls !
This was not easy to do. It took me quite some time to come up with just 10 albums. Some bands are not in this list simply because it was impossible to choose one album.
I took into consideration the bands and albums that marked me in a way in the past 26 years (actually about 13 lol ). These are albums that are very close to my heart, some of them I haven't listen to in years but doesn't mean they are forgotten.
The order is pretty random.
I also posted a song from every album and a short description of my feelings towards that album.

1. Forever Autumn - Lake of Tears 1999

I remember having the whole discography plying on repeat all day back in 2006, I was obsessed with Lake of Tears, especially this album. I remember the first time I listen to this album, it was different from anything I have ever heard, it's like dark musical fairy tales.

2. Velvet Darkness They Fear - Theater of Tragedy. 1996

Liv Kristine is awesome and I was really into the whole ''beauty and the beast'' sound. This album is just beautiful, filled with dark and beautiful sounds that crawl in your soul.
P.S. They made me want to learn 17th century English :)).
3. Gothic - Paradise Lost 1991

Oh, what can I say about this album... the impact I felt the first time I heard it hunted me for years, and still does.  This album opened the doors to Doom Metal, I used to listen to a lot of this stuff when I was younger (and still do sometimes! ).
Deep, dark & haunting.

4. Exciter - Depeche Mode 2001

I think it is simply impossible for this band to make a bad album! I remember I had this particular album on cassette and I was so happy that I could listen to it in the car because my parents also liked it, I can't say this about all the rest of the music I listen :)).
I recommend this for a romantic evening ;)
5. American Psycho - Misfits 1997

It was really hard to choose between this one and Famous Monsters, I love Michale Graves. I actually started listening to them quite recent and they were the ones that introduced me to wonderful world of  horror-punk and psychobilly <3

6. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights - HIM 2001

As lame it might sound I think HIM saved my life, especially with the first 3 albums. I was in a huge depression around 2003 or 2004 when I moved away from my country and found myself all alone a new world as a teenager. It was the time when I started to write and HIM was definitely an inspiration and a reason to keep going.
I also had a crush on Ville Valo, obviously. 
7.  Cruelty and the Beast - Cradle of Filth 1999

I actually really love the first 3 albums. They were also a huge inspiration in my writings. I think they have amazing lyrics, dark, romantic and bloody. I particularly love this album because it's like a story of Elizabeth Bathory. I was obsessed with her when I was 16-17.

8. Songs of Darkness Words of Light - My Dying Bride 2003

I have a love-hate relationship with MDB... I had a time in which I couldn't listen to them at all, I'm talking about years. Not because I didn't like them anymore but because I found it too emotional... yes that can happen.
9.Songs for the Sinners - Charon 2005

Finnish gothic metal at its best. I chose this band and album to be in my list because it's very personal to me and my boyfriend, he was the one who introduced me to this band and we used to share songs to express how we felt, it was such a good time and I have very beautiful memories with this album.

10. Master of Puppets - Metallica 1986

And Metallica 1991. It might be a cliche but it's the truth Metallica was one of the first metal bands I ever listen to, It opened a whole new world and I will forever be grateful for this.