New Hair and Queen Of Darkness

Hello ghouls !
I had some very busy weeks, barley had time for photos and the blog. My schedule seams to be more relaxed now since I left one of my jobs because of different reasons. I'm searching for a replacement job, preferably part time because I do have two other jobs. I wouldn't mind another content writer job because I really love research and writing, it keeps my mind busy and I get some extra cash :3

I decided to make this post and tell you about the recent order that I made to Queen of Darkness since I'm getting a lot of  questions about it and an update on my hair.

I made the order about 2 and a half weeks ago, and it got here really fast, less than a week. It was the first order I did to Queen Of Darkness and I've been wanting something from them for ages, I really love their stuff. I ordered with a friend to split the shipping cost. We also wanted to take advantage of the 15% sale they got at that time.

My friend order a few things and I did take them out to see the quality and I must say I was impressed, there was a shinny top, like a latex imitation and the material was really good, and thick. Te shirts are from cotton and they really look exactly like on the site.
I ordered just 2 things because that's just what I could afford at the time. I got the hooded poncho and a cat patch to sew on it.
The poncho was 59,90 € but I got it on sale for 38,90 €, the patch was 2 or 3 € and the shipping was a little over 9 €. The poncho is super comfortable and its from a soft material similar to blanket, it's ideal for this time of the year. The only thing that I wish it was different is the back, it doesn't come in a V shape like in the front, it's straight and it only barely reaches the waist so if it's cold you need to protect your back with a thicker and longer sweater. But I do love it and I hope to make more orders soon.
A few days ago I decided to do something interesting to my hair so what I did was I bleached my bangs and dyed them red :D. I used regular bleaching powder and 12% oxidant from the drugstore. I bleached it 2 times to get it light enough for the red, all in one day. It's not a good idea to do this if you have thin fragile hair but I know my hair can manage being bleached up to 3 times without obvious damage. The red I used is the London Trendy Color in the shade R6 Techno Red, its the same stuff I used for many many years when I had red hair. It looks pink or magenta on the package but it's actually a decent deep red.
 I also decided to grow out my undercut but shave only the part in the back because my hair is super thick and kinda bothers me when it's longer, especially in hot weather. I did had some ideas of letting my hair grow and not dye it but whenever my light ginger roots are growing I look bald hahaha and I can't stand it, so I think I'm keeping the black for another while. I do love the contrast with my pale skin.
And that's about it for now, hope you have an awesome week.
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