Short update and future plans

Hello ghouls !
It's been about 3 months since the last post. I don't want to abandon the blog, quite the opposite actually. I've been through a lot lately and I mean A LOT so this blog kinda' went down on my priorities.

Two months ago I lost my grandmother and my father. They both passed away only a few days apart. It was rough and it still is. I can't really talk about it because it just hurts to much and I'm not ready to ... share my feelings publicly yet. Maybe in a future post I can tell you more about this experience... maybe after I've dealt with it.

Anyway, the thing is I just want to keep myself busy and create things that I find beautiful, try to live my life as I please and not waste it on unimportant things.
 I have many things that I plan on doing this year, I just have to keep myself moving, experimenting and learning. I want to make lots of photos, I actually can't wait for spring because now it's just too cold for going out and the seasonal depression is wearing me out. We also got a car this year and I'll get the possibility to travel more and find more interesting locations for the photos.
I hope on starting some collaborations with a few alternative brands and talented people.
It's very hard to keep myself motivated in these dark times but It's either this or letting myself drown in my own pain...

 Thank you so much for those of you who support me and sent me such lovely messages for my birthday (it was a few days ago). Some of you told me that I do make a difference and I do inspire some of you and that made me happy <3
You can now comment on my blog posts too.

And you can follow what I do on my fb page and my instagram . I will also be on Althemy soon.