New tattoo

Hello ghouls.
For the past month and a half I've been visiting my tattoo artist at New Art Tattoo and got myself a new piece of artwork. 
I decided a while ago to cover up my dragon tattoo, at first I wanted just to modify it but in the end I just covered it up with something that I felt was more ''me'' :).  I was not bored with it nor did I regret it but simply I wanted to transform it into something else, something more complex and beautiful.
 I had the idea of a raven tattoo for many years but didn't get around to it until now, I figured it was a perfect cover and I was right.
It was done in 3 sessions and it covered the dragon almost completely. I choose poppy flowers instead of roses because of their symbolism and because It's one of my favourite flowers.  
It's not healed yet and I can't wait to get rid of the itching hahaha.

 It's now pretty much a half sleeve and I absolutely love it. I am planing on getting a few more this year but we'll see how things go.