Goth on a budget

Hey ghouls!
First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, hopefully this year will be just a little bit better than the last.

For my first post of the year I want to talk a bit about being on the poor side of society and at the same time managing to dress alternative. Being goth on a budget is not always easy and I know I'm not the only one in this situation.

I live in a rather poor country where the average salary is around 400-500 euros and the minimum wage is about 1,50 euros an hour.
I worked in a lot of areas from scrubbing floors to office work, I always thought that the only thing to be ashamed about is not wanting to work.
My family is not rich either but we manage, we can afford basic stuff and I'm grateful for that, because many families around here don't have even that.

I currently work from home managing a small online shop that hopefully will become a small legit business that can provide for me a decent income,  I like the idea of working for myself. I also do other stuff besides that: photography, content writhing for some websites etc but these are not steady income sources at all. Being in a small town doesn't help either. I'm constantly searching for a second and even a third job hahaha

I started to focus on alternative modeling  about 2 years ago. It's great for my mental well being because I like to be creative and come up with cool images. The thing is that only when I started this I realized just how expensive goth clothing and jewelry is.

I see all the other alternative models with all the fancy alt clothing from brands that I admire and I realize that I could never afford that. I do have a few cool pieces myself but I honestly got them at sales or second hand and I often sell them after photo-shoots so I can get other stuff to shoot.

I also never received anything for free beside two necklaces from the lovely Tereza/DDeluxsus and a gift card from Queen Of Darkness that I won in a Instagram giveaway.
I was also approached by one of my favorite brands ever Punk Rave to see if we can do a collaboration, hence the banner on the right and my previous post that you can read here.
Being in a small town means I don't have access to interesting people to work with and do collaborations either.

I do everything myself when it comes to modeling: makeup, photography, editing, styling etc. My boyfriend is the only one who sometimes helps me when I need an extra hand.
I don't even have money for proper lighting equipment. I do have a decent camera but it took a lot of time to pay off hahaha. Lighting and high end/professional lenses are a luxury that I can't afford right now.
I admit that it's also a bit frustrating when I can't get the result I want because of lack of materials.

Being in this situation I try to improvise a lot. I'm constantly searching for diy stuff that I can use in my photos when it comes to light, I search for outlets and I spend a huge amount of time second hand shopping at local shops, flea markets, online etc.

I know some people think I have money because of my style but it's just a lot of effort and a bit of luck. It takes patience to find what you are looking for and it takes patience to save up money to buy an item you want.
There's also a good part in all this because another thing that I see a lot in other alt models is that they all wear very similar (if not the same) clothing and brands, getting some stuff second hand or even diy-ing clothes gives you a more unique vibe in my opinion.

Well anyway the thing I wanted to make clear is that you don't have to have a a lot of money to dress goth, there are plenty of ways to improvise just let your imagination go wild and try out different stuff and never ever let someone tell you you are not good enough because you don't buy certain brands. And if you really want a certain item from your favorite alternative clothing brand, have patience and save up, I'm also a ferm believer of quality over quantity.

'' I may shop at outlets but I read Vogue''. - Catherine, CSI