Wigs, wigs, wigs

Hello ghouls!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about my wigs so I'm going to talk a little bit about my wig collection and where I got them.
I'm also selling a few of them on my Eternium Fashion page

First of all: Why wigs?
Well besides the obvious - they are awesome- it's a great way to change your look and have perfect hair in 2 minutes.
In my case I have another reason for using wigs: after a very stressful year (as some of you might know) my hair was not doing very well and I lost A LOT of it, my hair was falling more than ever. It was a bit scary actually. So I started taking vitamins (I recommend the Doppelherz supplements)  and putting oils (argan, coconut, castor, shea etc) and only washing it once or twice a week (my hair is super dry and doesn't get greasy ever). I also stopped styling it and only dying the roots in the front.
It's now doing a lot better but I'm still growing it out.

With wigs I can take care of my hair and keep it away from styling tools but still look great not only for photo shoots but day to day life. I wear wigs outside a lot and need them to look good.
Many people assume it's my real hair and compliment me on it. I generally tell them it's just a wig and they are shocked.

I like a more realistic look that's why I always choose black wigs. I let the front part of my hair and bangs out and they blend perfectly with the wig. Basically I'm using normal wigs as 3/4 wigs. Just because I couldn't find 3/4 wigs the perfect shade and good price. Also I hate extensions and lace front wigs are a bit over my price range :P.
I'm not into colorful wigs anymore, I might try out a red/burgundy one sometime but I'll stick to black for now.
I also experimented with very light blonde wigs but they don't feel right on me so I sold them.
I have tried a few wig brands, all in a very affordable price range (up to 45 euros). Now I'm pretty much sticking to 2 wig brands/shops that from what I've tried are the best. They are both Romanian shops but one of them does ship internationally.
The first 2 long ones are from Belher, Great quality and realistic look, Many styles to choose from and great customer service. I'm in love with their wigs and I want one in every style hahahaha. Their Facebook page.

And the black&white and curly one are from Divisima, they ship anywhere in Europe.
The white one I got to diversify a bit and use it on special occasions and photo shoots... don't know if I'm going to keep it for a long time.
But they are great quality wigs, they look very realistic, the curly one looks and feels like 100% natural hair. The styles they have are very modern and popular right now. Wish they had more black ones though :D
Their Facebook page.
I also got two ponytails, they aren't a particular brand I got them at a Halloween sale hahaha. They were in a bad condition but I restore them a bit and they look pretty decent, I don't wear them that much, maybe I'll wear them more in the summer.
At the moment these are the only ones that I have for my personal use. Quite a few wigs have passed through my hands... head hahaha but these are my favorites.

They are all synthetic wigs by the way. Wish I could try a real hair one but they are so f-ing expensive hahaha. 

I'm also selling a few wigs that I no longer use. 
Two black ones from Belher, that look much better in real life than in these photos. I'm selling them simply because I have the other 2 that are similar but longer.

A 3/4 wig from Annabelle's Wigs (uk), great quality, realistic texture but the color doesn't mach my hair, it's a #1b and I'm a #1 -*sings* "Black black black black number one*-
And a few miscellaneous ones that are best for cosplay, photos etc. They look nice but not good quality. I got them just for tryout. I'm sealing these ones super cheap.