Hashtag I woke up like this

Hi ghouls!

I wanted to make this post for a while now but had to wait until I had all my ideas in order. It's not an easy subject but I think it's necessary to talk a little about this.

I had several girls come to my photos or messenger and say things like ''you're so perfect'', ''I want to as pretty as you'' etc. and honestly these kind of comments make me feel a bit uncomfortable because most of the times I go back to these girls profiles and they are obviously gorgeous even without makeup, lights, edit and all that other stuff models on social media do.

Once and for all: the photos that models (and many 'regular' girls and boys) post on social media and magazines ARE NOT REAL. And most certainly they didn't woke up like that ;)
Meaning nobody walks around in full glam makeup, fancy gowns and photo-shopped face all day every day.

Don't get me wrong there are some really beautiful people in the world without makeup but the reality is we are all a bit different and not all can fit in what society says that is 'beautiful'. And there's nothing wrong with that.

These photos are taken with natural light no edit.
I just washed my face and moisturized. I'm 28 so my skin is not how it used to be when I was a teen.
I am not perfect, nobody is, perfection is unattainable and honestly a bit boring. It's ok to to do whatever makes you happy with your looks, express yourself trough makeup, clothing, tattoos whatever, but don't be so harsh on yourself when you see a pretty girls on facebook or instagram. 

I for example rarely wear makeup and dress up because I work from home. I sometimes feel the need to look 'fancy' and put a full face of 'goth glam' just because.
If I go out to get groceries I usually just fix my eyebrows and put some mascara because I have extremely light brows and lashes, sometimes I do much more but it all depends on my mood.
I had no eyebrows at all for a few years but recently I grew them out (half of them at least) just for fun :P. They are dyed in these photos, they usually very light #ginger #alien

I know it's a bit cliche but I wanted to get real with you and show you how I look most of the time. 
I am not special,  haven't been blessed with awesome genes I'm just decent at makeup and photography, and that's fine, I like to express myself trough this, It's what makes me happy. The only person who should care what I look without makeup probably is my boyfriend hahaha

''Take her swimming on the first date'' NO '' Find a guy who likes you with and without makeup'' otherwise, what's the point.

I have freckles all over my face (during the summer are very visible), starting to get visible wrinkles, scars, horrible teeth, chapped lips to the point of bleeding especially during cold moths and generally I feel I look like a little boy, the fact that I barely have any boobs doesn't help either hahahahahaha

I like to compare photography to a work of (any other) art, for example if you paint a painting you don't necessary depict reality but you change it to what you feel so you can express a certain thing.

In photos, we change a bit the light, colors, contrast etc to enhance a certain feel that we want to present that otherwise in real life it doesn't exist.
Even the smallest changes can make a big difference.

I'm not interested in being perfect. I just want to express myself and have fun with makeup and clothing. Not everybody has to like it, plenty of people won't like it actually hahaha
It's not a mask, I am the same person with or without. I don't try to hide I try to show what I like and who I am.

This is after just 5 min make-up, imagine what an hour would do, imagine what changes you coud do with just minimal edit....
And also this is why I f-ing hate smiling, I look retard hahahah 
Resting bitch face keeps you pretty ;) 
P.S.  just because someone looks cool and interesting does not mean they have an interesting personality ;)
Because I'm not the prettiest girl myself I never judge people by appearance and try my best to be a decent person. I have noticed that even the most gorgeous girl/or boy can turn hideous when they talk shit. And any 'defects' can disappear when you are engaged in an interesting conversation with someone.
True story.