How to keep your blacks BLACK: Gothic laundry

Hello ghouls !

I'm back with a short post and I'm going to tell you how to maintain your beautiful black clothing like new for as long as possible. These are just the things that I personally do and I found out that they work really well. I know some people struggle with this and it's a known issue among goths and metalheads alike especially since this type of clothing is rather expensive.

I have black pieces of clothing for a few years and they still look very intense, almost like new. Here are my tips:

1.  First thing is not washing the item unless you really have to. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be disgusting and stinky but if you only wear a t-shirt for a few hours for example you can wear it again the next day or in a few days. Leave it outside on a dryer or something and spray it with a fabrics softener or some type of fabric refresher and let it air out.
I feel that hoodies and jackets for example can get away without washing for a longer time because generally they are not touching your skin.

2. If it's it's not really dirty but a bit stinky and it's a fancy piece of clothing you can hand wash in cool/lukewarm water with a bit of fabric softener and let it dry. This works well for lace, fishnets, stockings etc.

3. When you need to wash it in the washing machine make sure it's on max. 30 C. I never wash my black clothing at a higher temperature.
Stick to a short cycle and ALWAYS use detergent specially make for dark or colored clothing. It makes a huge difference on the long run, trust me. It generally says that it will re-new the faded color but that's just bullshit, it will just preserve it. If you want it re-newed there are fabric dyes that you can use (Dylon)

4. This goes without saying but DO NOT MIX with other colors, especially light ones, the will leave lint and specs and all that annoying stuff.

5. Do not hang them in direct sunlight, the sun can not only damage your skin but also can fade your clothing. Dryers are also a no-no, the heat can also damage the color. It's best to let them air dry either inside or outside in the shade ... or the moonlight

Hope this helps :D

Bonus tip: be careful with your deodorant, it can stain clothing permanently. Try using the ones for white/black clothing. I find that gel ones are the best.