F.A.Q. & Q&A: your questions answered

Hey ghouls!

I just reached 30.000 'likes' and almost 31.000 followers on my Facebook page ! How insane is that? I'm also proud that it's all organic without paying for sponsored posts :D. That's 20.000 in 6 months !
To kinda celebrate it I gave the opportunity to my followers to ask some questions to do this Q&A, it was actually a fail and got few questions  hahahahahaha.
Not to worry, I added a few questions that I got multiple times in the past as comments or messages, I mixed similar questions into one and I got some really good questions :D
I hope it's somewhat entertaining and you get to know me a little bit better ;)

Q - Who inspires you the most
- It might sound a bit of a cliche but I think my biggest inspirations are my mother and my grandmother that passed away over a year ago. They both inspire me to be a better person in general and not to care what people think about me especially when it comes to my appearance.
I also follow many talented people on my Instagram. But honestly I've found out that the more I try to get inspired by people (especially since there are so many cool people online) I find it harder to be myself and find out what I really like. So I think most of the 'inspiration' has to come from inside. Hope that makes sense ...

Q - What got you interested in the gothic subculture?
-I think everything hahaha. First it was the music, literature and cinematography and only later the fashion. I'm also really into the sociological aspect.
Movies like The Crow, Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton in general), Dracula, Interview with a Vampire etc.  Books like Dracula, Wuthering Heights, The Woman in White, authors like Anne Rice, Stephen King etc. Music like Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Theater Of Tragedy, Christian Death etc.
I thing the gothic subculture is such and amazing topic that goes way beyond appearance.

Q - Are you into witchcraft/what is your religion/beliefs?
Sorry to disappoint so many people (i get this question a lot) but I'm not into witchcraft, I like some aspects of the style and get inspire by it but that's all.
I'm irreligious/ antitheist (click to go to the Wikipedia page if you don't know what that is). I don't want to get into it so much because people these days are very easily offended hahaha.

Q - Do you believe in the supernatural/ghost etc?
- No, I absolutely don't.

Q - Where are you from? /Where do you live?
- I am from Romania, From the region of Transilvania (Turda/Cluj), I now live in another city close the Hungarian border (near Oradea).
I also lived in Spain for about 7 years.

Q - What languages do you speak?
-Romanian, English, Spanish.
I can understand and speak a bit of Valencian, i understand some Italian and Portuguese (but only when written)

Q -  Do you take the pictures for yourself of do you model for a company? 
- All the pictures I take are mine, I take them myself sometimes with my boyfriend's help. I do the styling, makeup, edit etc. on every single picture.
I take the photos firstly for myself and second to build some sort of portfolio because I want to work with more cool brands that I admire.
I already worked with Punk Rave and Alchemy England (among other smaller brands) and I want more hahaha.
I don't think I will ever work with an agency, I like the idea of being on my own and and choosing collaborations in a more .... friendly way. If that makes sense :)

Q - How can I support your work?
- Well besides the obvious 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments' I have a 'donate' button here on my blog. It's a paypal gadget on the right (on the pc/web version)
I have a Patreon account .
I will probably have prints for sale in the future too. I don't think many will buy but I'll try to see what I can do to get a least of few prints out there and see how it goes :D
I also have an Amazon Wishlist but i never got anything yet and don't know how it works.

Q - How do you feel about Black Friday and Aurelio Voltaire ?
- let's just say I have a little crush on Voltaire hahaha
And Black Friday is awesome, I've been following her for many years on youtube.

Q - What song do you listen to that would completely shock your followers?
I think there are A LOT of them hahaha. I really enjoy lame 80's and 90's pop hits and even some disco and latino music.
One of my first celebrity crushes was Enrique Iglesias ( I was 11) and I still kinda like his old stuff hahahaha

Q - What's your favorite movie?
- It's a tie between 'In Bruges' and 'What we do in the shadows' i love dark comedy a lot!

Q - What camera do you use?
- I have a Nikon D7100 with 35mm lens. Nothing fancy I barely paid for this one and I still need another lens that I can't really afford in the near future :(.
But I do what I can with what I have ;)

Q - How did you start your modeling career? Any advice?
- Well It's not really a career. More like a hobby, a passion for creating beautiful images, makeup, fashion, photography etc.
I started a few years ago when I got into photography but didn't had interesting models to work with so I decided I would be my own model hahaha.
I didn't had any help so I did it all myself. I still do. Maybe that's why it takes me a lot of time to perfect every aspect of a photo.
If you want to do something similar you have to build up your portfolio, take many photos, see what you like. If you have friends that can help you with photos, wardrobe, makeup even better.
Stay away from shady people, don't go alone to photo shoots, ever and have patience.
I can't give any more advice when it comes to jobs, agencies and stuff like that because I don't know much about it.

Q - How old where you when you started getting into goth? How did your parents take it?
I was about 13-14 when I started dressing in black and listening to more... cool music(mostly metal, especially old school)  :D. For the next 10 years I was more into the the metal scene but I still was familiar with a few goth bands, literature and movies.
I only started to be more interested in the Gothic subculture a few years ago but I can say I was always attracted to the 'dark side' :D
I was lucky, my parents were pretty cool about it in comparison with other parents that I hear about.
They didn't knew anything about the scene but I tried to explain to them the best I could, I was also a really good kid never got into any kind of trouble so that helped a lot too.
I still get scared of mom when I get a new tattoo, she doesn't like them (she likes tattoos but not mine) but in the end she accepts it and she's really cool about it.

Q - What do you do besides modeling?
- I have a little online shop that hopefully will some day become a legit buisness but for now I also do freelance content writing for different websites (not so much lately) and I'm currently searching for another part time job because I'm kinda broke hahaha. I also have qualifications in commercial work and cosmetology but they didn't come in handy except for some makeup discounts hahaha.
Hoping to move to a bigger city soon to have more qualifications and work opportunities

Q - Do you watch any tv shows?
Yup, quite a lot. I mostly (90% of the time) watch true crime like Forensic Files, 48 hours, Murder Book, everything on Investigation Discovery and Crime & Investigation and some documentaries. I also listen to some true crime podcasts so I'm kinda weird hahaha
Besides that I watch many of the cool & popular tv shows like: Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, AHS, Californication, Lost (my favorite) etc. there are too many !

Q - What do you think would be perfect for a 'goth wardrobe' starter pack?
- Good question! It also depends a bit on what you like. But for starters you need basic stuff like plain black dresses, some cute tops, skirts and pants. Look for materials like lace, velvet ,leather and mesh.
Accessories are also important, I like big jewelry, preferably silver. Belts are also a great way to add a little something to an outfit. Look for leather or pvc, big buckles, chains, corset style etc.
Second hand stores are a great source to find these things especially if you are on a budget, my wardrobe is 85% second hand hahaha.

Q - What do you feel has been one of the main factors for you that has enable you to develop a distinctive modeling career?
 - As I said before, It's more of a passion not a career, I'll probably never make money for this but I do enjoy doing it either way.
The main factor I think was... boredom to be honest.  Boredom mixed with a desire to create. I live In a very small town, I'm kinda poor and I have nothing interesting to do except take pictures hahaha. It's like my getaway from 'normal life'. I enjoy the preparation of the shoots: clothing, makeup, setup etc.) and the postproces: editing, social media.... It takes my mind away from things and it helps me develop my creativity in number of fields.

Q - Do you do collaborations? What are your terms?
- Yes I do! If the items are my style and can use them in photoshoots I would be happy to do a collab. I'm starting to have a decent amount of followers and every day I'm getting better at my 'work' so I'm always searching to work with talented people (designers, crafters) or brands that I love.
My terms vary depending on the designer/brand and their needs. I'm happy to listen to your offer and negotiate to get to a solution that we all can gain something.

Q - Are you into BDSM?
- This is another question that I get a lot (in different forms) and I have to address once and for all hahaha. No, I am not. And for respect to those in the community I'll keep my thoughts about it to myself. I do not judge and don't even care what you do but I also don't want anything to do with it.
It's true I like some aspects of the fetish fashion but mostly because I get inspired by some of my favorite musicians and movie characters that include those elements in their looks (leather, latex, o rings, harnesses etc...).

P.S. I also get asked a lot to give advice on growing your page and how to get more followers and I do have some tips that helped me and I think will help others but I'll do a separate blog post just for that so stay tuned ;)