New Rock discount code

Hey ghouls!

A quick post today because I want to tell you the exciting news: I have a discount code for your favorite pair of New Rock boots!

The code is CORVINUSNEWROCK and you get 10% discount!
Click HERE to go to the website

It is an affiliate program that I'm in with NEW ROCK Australia, basically you get a discount and I get a very small commission out of the sales, it's a win win in my opinion :D

I would never do a collaboration with a brand that I don't like. I love New Rock, it's one of my favorite brands of gothic shoes ever since I was a kid. I got my first pair over 10 years ago and had around 5 or 6 pairs ever since so I know they are worth every penny.

I don't think the brand itself needs any more introduction, I'm pretty sure everybody in the metal, goth, punk, alternative, community knows who they are and knows that they make the coolest metal boots around.

The code is for the Australian site but don't be fooled, they ship worldwide at a very good price and very fast. Some shoes are even cheaper than on the main site so give it a look. You can also check out the New Rock sales section for some cool deals .

The shipping in Europe is around 14 euros and takes only a few days to arrive (depending on the country) if they are in stock. Some of them are available only with a pre-order that takes about a month.

So go check them out and if you decide to buy a pair don't forget to use the discount code at checkout ;)

P.S. They also have a few vegan options