A chat with model Kassie Lanfire (interview)

Hello my ghouls!
Something very special today. I'm very happy to present to you one of the most talented alternative models out there. She's probably my absolute favorite model, she not only inspires me with her looks but she's also one of the kindest persons I've met online. 
Take a glass of wine and enjoy our little conversation about fashion, makeup and witchcraft ;) And if you finished reading but still have some wine I've left links to all the cool stuff at the end, check it out

Magda Corvinus - Hi Kassie,  thank you for accepting to have this little chat with me!
Kassie Lanfire - Thank you very much for this idea! I`m always glad to talk with such talented lady!

M - *blushing* You are too kind :D
One of the things that I really like about your work is the ability to change styles and looks. Is there a style within the alternative subculture that you would never shoot in?
K - Thank you again!
Sometimes I even have doubts, that I change my styles too often and my followers can`t recognize me, but I just can`t stop with trying everything, which is around gothic and fantasy themes.
I would never shoot in classical  cyber-goth style and manga/anime cosplay. It`s just 100% not me

M-  I think that people who are familiar with you will always recognize you in an instant ;)
When and why did you start modeling?
K - My modeling began from my passion of creating various dark looks.
I like  to wear something unique even  in a daily life and do heavy and complicated make up for parties.
When I was teenager, I started with designing clothes for myself, because I couldn`t find something fitting to looks, which I had in my mind. Some of my first clothes were from mothers (or grandmothers!) wardrobe, from second-hand shops and flea markets. I changed them as I could, combined in different ways, added self - made accessories...
As well I was (and am) happy to have multi-talented friends, photographers and designers.
They asked me to be a model in their projects and I was glad to collaborate.
My first shooting was in 2010-2011, since 2015 I`ve started to do it more often and serious, but only this year I decided to pay to my modeling as much attention, as I can.

M - I totally get it, I feel many of us had a similar beginning.
Do you always do your own makeup and styling?
K - Let`s say, I prefer to do it by myself. Perhaps my make up isn`t so perfect , as it could be by  professional make up artist, but at least it will fit to my face! :)
The same with styling: I`m flexible, I like to try new stuff, but usually I already have a full image in my mind.

M - What are some of your favorite makeup brands?
K - I`m absolutely not distinctive here!
I adore Jeffree Star, I like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat von D, Lime Crime, Urban Decay, NYX and some small, but awesome aspiring brands.
For fast every day make up I use mineral powder by Color Revolution, Manhattan pencil for eyebrows and Lime Crime lipstick.
For shootings and some events I like to use Kryolan products.

M - What about clothing brands?
K- And  I`ll not be original  again XD
My daily wardrobe comprises of Punk Rave, Killstar and Restyle clothes, also I fell in love with Necessary Evil and Burleska corsets brands.

M - When you (and your beautiful colleague Alexey) create pieces for MyWithcery, what do you have in mind? Who or what kind of people do you imagine wearing the designs?
K - Thank you for this question!
Sure, most of our creations are for parties, events and shootings, so usually I think about alternative people, who wear gothic romantic , pagan-goth and nu goth styles.
Also we create the headpieces for gothic brides and tribal, pole dancers.
Alexey likes to make gorgeous and huge headpieces for Drag Queens.

When I create something new, I think : would I like to wear it? With which kind of clothes and make up? How to make it more comfortable?
I think, soon I`ll make the blog with fashion advises and ideas of using our headpieces.

M - In your opinion what is the main difference between alternative modeling and regular/mainstream modeling?
K - I think, the main difference is the possibility to create your image by yourself,  to show various non-standard kinds of beauty, ignore some rules, find something new.
I`m really glad, that now we can see this trend even on big podiums . I find it very refreshing and inspiring!

M - Totally agree!

Kassie, I know you are a wiccan can you tell me a bit about it?
K - To be honest, I`ve never been religious kind of person, but since my childhood I was into witchcraft topic and wanted to find a witch, who will teach me.
I read a lot of philosophical works, also books about old and modern religions  and  found, Wicca gives me answers to  a lots of questions  and seems  the most logical and natural way. 
Wicca doesn`t have dogmatic moral or ethical code , most of the witches follow a code known as the Wiccan Rede, which states "an it harm none, do what ye will". It`s a  declaration of the freedom to act, along with the necessity of taking responsibility for what follows from one's actions and minimizing harm to others.
Wicca is not a religion for me, it`s way of life and very personal thing.
I enjoy practicing the rituals, share my knowledge with other witches and if I have some psychological issues, I open my Tarot desk and bottle of red wine XD
Believe or not, but it helps me a lot!

M - What do you do when you are not modeling or working for MyWitchery?
K - In Ukraine I used to be a dentist. It isn`t so cool, as in other European countries and it wasn`t so enjoyable for me.
Also I used to be a pole-dance coach and now I still practice the dancing, I have a pole in my home!

M - That's actually pretty cool!

I know you are from Ukraine and now you live in Germany. What are some differences between these two countries when it comes to the goth/alt subculture?
K - The biggest difference for me is : here you can be goth in your 16 and 66, visit parties and concerts, wear whatever you want and enjoy your way of life in any age.  Even "normal" German people are so much more kind , tolerant and open minded , than in Ukraine. I truly enjoy this atmosphere!

 M - What do you consider to be your biggest achievement with your modeling ?
 K - Oh, it`s a bit complicated to answer, because I have so many goals!
 If not to mention fame and money (which is ok, because these things give you a real freedom in creating art), I`d say, the most important for me is collaboration with other talented designers and photographers.
I can`t tell you all names, which I`d love to work with ( this list can be almost endless XD) ,but  I`m happy with all collabs, which I already done this year.

M - Any ’’ungoth’’ confessions? Something that your followers wouldn't expect from you.
K - Hihihi... what could I say?...
I'm afraid of spiders and I love to swim in the sea (just don`t like to get sunbath)

M - Any advice for other alternative models ?
K - Be curious, be brave, believe in yourself! :)

M - Words to live by :D