Review: AmazingGirl (fetish lingerie and accessories)

Hello ghouls!

I'm bringing you a review of the brand Amazing Girl, they are a Polish brand and shop that specializes in fetish clothing, erotic accessories and costumes. They ship in all the European Union, very fast delivery and great customer service.

I was contacted by them to pick a few items for photo shoots, I was more than happy to do shots for them and decided they deserve a review as well. I know many of my readers are a bit more alternative and dark so you might be very interested in their products: pvc dresses, corsets, cosplay items, clubwear, leather harnesses, stripper heels etc.

You can contact them for any questions on their Facebook page or Instagram account.

I'll show you what I got and what I personaly think about it

First off is this lingerie set. I think it's my favorite thing. It's made out of faux leather, very sturdy and nice quality. I'm sure you will see the harness in future shots. It's just perfect, I love it <3
I'm also planing to make another harness from the thong hahaha.

Second is this 'corset'. It looks really cool, the material is stiff and sturdy. It's actually the first thing that I picked and although it said 'universal size' it does not fit small waists. I took some photos with it but look a bit weird because i can almost fit my hand in it hahaha. I would also recommend it for girls with a slightly longer torso (i'm 165m/5.4 for comparison). Other than that, it's a really nice item. I'm going to give mine away to someone that can fit in it better hahaha.
Third thing is this dress. It's a pvc corset dress, very shinny and surprisingly comfortable. The size fits perfect. The material looks amazing on camera, looks like latex/rubber but it's a rather thin pvc. It's great for clubs and photo shoots but I wish the material was just a bit more thick. Even if it is a corset, it's not a 'proper' steel boned corset, it gives just a bit of shape, that's why it's so comfortable and you can definitely wear it for a whole night without issues.
The last thing is another favorite that you will see in future shoots for sure. These awesome boots. They look very goth and badass. I have nothing negative to say about them. The material is a very good, thick pvc almost a rubber feel to it. I don't think it will crack anytime soon (you know some pvc does that).
They fit perfect, I'm sure they are good for any type of leg because you can adjust them. They are also comfortable even if you are not used to heels. They are definitely not for everyday wear but at a party, concert or in the bedroom they will surely attract all the stares :D