Alchemy England: history & a review

Hello Ghouls!

Today's story and review is of the most respected jewelry brand in the alternative world. They turned 40 years old this year and you probably already own something of theirs if you are a spooky kid like me ;)

Alchemy England started with Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson back in the late 70s. Two punk rockers that started making jewelry in their bedroom, jewelry that was different from anything available at that time. They were made with melted lead plumbing from scrapyards, screws and random objects. As you might know, back then if you wanted something you had to make it yourself.
Soon they started to sell their unique designs at local sops and at punk gigs. Their designs gained a small following and bands were even making custom requests. Kayson and Phillipsen knew they were on to something so they invested more time and passion in the designs.

Their popularity grew significantly when they made some skull rings for a French distributor. And in 1982 they named the brand Alchemy with the famous skull and rose as a logo, aka The Alchemist

Now all the jewelry is made of high quality English pewter (lead, nickel and cadmium free), resin and Swarovski crystals in their Leicester factory with a small team of talented artists and metalsmiths. Every piece is hand sketched and hand made with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

Alchemy has gothic, punk, metal, steampunk jewelry and accessories. From bags to t-shirts, belt buckles, watches, posters you name it, they have it.
They also come up regularly with new designs and they collaborate with famous bands, clothing companies, shoe makers, events etc. to bring you a huge variety of products.

The unique designs, passion and quality are the factors that make Alchemy Gothic the best alternative jewelry brand for 40 years and will probably remain so for many more decades to come.

I discovered the brand when I was a kid, about 13 or 14. I don't remember what was the first product I bought but it might have been the Catafalque, a gorgeous necklace with a skull that I had to sell a few years ago because I needed money :(.
But I did purchase quite a a few necklaces since then, some I still have some I had to sell.
I had items for many years and I know for a fact they are very durable, the pewter is similar to silver and can be cleaned the same way, I never had any problems with it.
Alchemy products can be found in many shops all over the world, I don't think you will have a problem finding their stuff ;)
Just please stay away from shady websites, buy only from trusted shops. Counterfeit jewelry has been spotted and you don't know what's in them. Alchemy's products are reasonably priced, no need to buy fakes.
-I'll link at the end the official websites-

When I got an email from Alchemy a few months ago asking me to be a part of their upcoming catalogue, my jaw literally dropped! It was such an honor to work with them. Definitely the highlight of the year!
I already knew the products are good but with this opportunity I found out that they are also amazing people and very easy to communicate with. I will be forever grateful <3
Special thanks to Luke Porter at the Design Department for all the kind words and for making such a cool job with this catalogue ;)

If you follow me on social media you have already seen a bunch of photos wearing their stuff. I now have quite a few of them, they are easy to pair with any outfit and definitely eye catching.
I still have a few that I didn't get to shoot so stay tuned ;)

Besides jewlery I also have the Nevermore compact mirror and a coffee mug that my boyfriend stole hahaha.

I do have quite a few more stuff on my wishlist because I can't help myself, I'm truly in love with Alchemy England and I honestly don't have anything bad to say about them.