Reviews: Black Wolf Siren, Black Candy Fashion, My Witchery, DDeluxsus, SBDesign Creations,Wild Bangarang ...

Hello Ghouls!

Today I'm going to present a few shops and designers that I've been working with the past year or so. I hope these short reviews are useful if you are thinking about getting something for yourself, if you need more information, feel free to ask ;) 
These are all small shops, I'm preparing another collective review on some bigger shops with fancy Gothic clothing so stay tuned for that ;)

My Witchery
Starting off with MyWitchery, if you are familiar with my blog, this is not the first time I mention this shop, I had an interview with Kassie, one of the designers, a while ago.
I got this beautiful black & red headpiece with feathers and black roses. It's one of the smaller pieces but still really striking and very well made, I was surprised to see how sturdy it is even if it has feathers. It's comfortable to wear (like a headband) and it kinda makes me wanna try out some bigger pieces as well :D 
They make custom request for any occasion so feel free to ask them.

P.S. The necklace I'm wearing is from Equinox Jewelry and Accessories, you have to check it out, you'll find some really beautiful pieces ;)


DDeluxsus makes jewelry and accessories. They are all handmade and one of a kind. Tereza, the owner, is from Bulgaria and I think she's really talented and can make custom pieces as well. She uses many different materials to create her stuff . Her designs are pretty interesting and unique, I always recognize them when I see them on my feed.
I got 2 pieces, a leather choker with chains that I wore a few times (with and without the chains) and an Ankh that I unfortunately broke right after the shoot I did with it :( .  I was really sad I couldn't fix it because I lost a piece of it :( (it was totally my fault).

SB DesignCreations
SB Designs Creations is also a handmade shop with beautiful jewelry. Mostly fantasy and elvish influences. Very good quality with materials like stainless steel, silver plated chains, handpainted glass and a bit of magic ;)
Everything is elegant and subtle and you can really tell there's passion behind it.
Susanne, the owner, is such a sweet person and I value a lot a good customers service. Definitely recommend this shop!

Black Wolf Siren 
Black Wolf Siren is a shop that's just starting out. Tracy sent me a photo of this pattern and fell in love immediately. It's called ''It's your funeral'' and features a black raven and some white lilies. Usually I don't go for such a light color but this one is an exception and will be perfect for summer to stay cool without all the black but still remain spooky. The fabric is really good, it's that stretchy kind but thick and the design does not fade when stretched. It's also comfortable. I have the skirt and tank top, I still have to take a few more pictures with them to show how I would style them but unfortunately I didn't had time and the weather is starting to be a bit too cool... but expect to see these items in future shoots.

Black Candy Fashion

Black Candy Fashion is a wig shop. It has a variety of stiles and colors. I really needed a white front lace and they were kind enough to send me this one called Starlight. It was actually my very first front lace and I was very excited. The color is gorgeous but a bit more white than in the photo on the website, where it gives the impression of light grey. Also It's supposed to be heat resistant and you can style it but I couldn't curl it, I tried 2 curlers on low and a bit higher heat. I'm not an expert on styling wigs so I don't know what to say....The lace is a bit dark for me but I'm very pale so I guess it will fit for someone with a 'normal' skin tone, I tried punting concealer and all that but it's still dark. It doesn't show in photos but wouldn't really wear it at an event. Besides that the quality of the hair is good, no massive shedding and looks pretty cool. Perfect for photo shoots, i used it a few times.

Wild Bangarang
Wild Bangarang is another new brand that has some very cool leggings (and other stuff). They have leggings with video games like WOW and famous artists like Anne Stokes, all licensed. The print is perfect: vivid colors and high quality. The material is also good, on the thicker side.
If you like going to gym and exercise, you can find interesting outfits on the website that will surely make you stand out.
I have a promo-code ''corvinus10" to get 10% off but don't know if it will still work because I got it a few months ago hahaha.