Reviews: Devilnight & Dark In Closet (goth stores)

Hello ghouls!

Today I'm reviewing two gothic stores that you've probably heard about before. If you are interested in buying something for yourself or for a loved one, you might want to keep reading to find out more about these shops and my personal experience with them. The items were provided by the shops for photo-shoots but this blog post is not sponsored. I'm also giving my honest opinion on the products.

First one is Devilnight, they are a worldwide online shop that has available many of the popular brands like Punk Rave, Dark In Love or Devil Fashion. You can find lolita clothing, gothic clothing, punk clothing, victorian clothing, corsets and all kinds of cool accessories accessories for men and women.
They ship from China but have really fast shipping, around 5-6 working days for Europe, so don't be put off because of the country. Also both these shops sell original clothing from gothic brands that are known to be high quality.
I got from them this dress by the brand Punk Rave. I love it, it's very interesting and can be styled in many ways. It looks all torn and ripped apart, I love it !
The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that the neckline is too tight and always ruins my makeup when I put it on hahaha. I might have to DIY-it a bit. Other than that. It's great. 
Also keep in mind that this dress is kinda transparent, I'm wearing another dress underneath it but you can wear leggings or a long skirt and do the layering thing especially in the colder months ;)
You can get it HERE

The second shop I want to talk about it is Dark In Closet. This is very similar to the previous. Again you have a big selection of gothic clothing for men and women. They also ship from China really fast anywhere in the world.
Just be careful when you order, make sure you check the size chart. Returning products is a bit complicated and you are better safe than sorry.
The first thing I got from them is this skirt by the brand Devil Fashion. It looked amazing online. Unfortunately I had a bit of an issue with it. It looks black in the photos but it's not. It has a faded almost brassy color to it, I hate that effect hahaha. It looks like it's been in the sun for a few weeks or something. Don't get me wrong I know there are plenty who love this color and It does give some post-apocalyptic vibes. You can wear it long or short in the front. It was also a bit big for me even if it was the XS, just a bit loose on the waist and not the easiest to get into.
I ended up giving it away after the photo-shoot. I do like how it photographs and if you don't mind the faded effect, It's a really cool piece.
Get it HERE

The second thing I got from DarkInCloset is this maxi dress, again by the brand Punk Rave. It's very simple and can be dressed up or down. I paired it here with a leather corset and and the new Alchemy necklace (the Hydra). The fabric is super comfortable and stretchy. The neck is really high, almost like a mask but doesn't really stay, It just looks like a normal turtleneck. This one is easier to get into because it also has a small zipper in the back. Definitely wearing it again.
You can get it HERE

That's about it.
Make sure to check the websites this time of the year, they always have discounts and special offers ;)