Review: Moon And Serpent (handmade jewelry)

Hello ghouls!

I'm still doing reviews in hopes that if you are looking for things to buy for the Holidays you may discover new shops and brands that maybe you didn't know about. Or even brands that you keep seeing on social media and want to know more details before spending your money on them :D. 

Today I'm gonna talk about a brand that caught my eye on instagram a while ago. Moon And Serpent is a handmade jewelry brand. Behind this brand is Göksu Şimşek, a lovely and talented girl from Istanbul. 

She is inspired by history, the occult, nature and mythology to create beautiful jewelry. She mostly uses sterling silver and sometimes brass, gems, strings, bronze etc. The designs are rather unique and and the details are incredible. 
I appreciate the effort put into these pieces, you can definitely see the passion and hard work behind them. 
The prices are a bit high but considering the materials and the quality it's actually pretty decent. I've seen much worse quality jewelry at a higher price. By buying you are also supporting a real person not a company and that's always a plus in my view.

On the Moon And Serpent website you can find all the information and meanings for each and every creation because none of them are purely ornamental, they all bring a bit of culture and why not a bit of magic. 

I got the necklace called The Familiar. It arrived in a little over a week at the customs Post office with no issues.
It's a deer antlers necklace with a pentagram in the middle. The pentagram can be made in black, white or red. 
The details on the antlers are spectacular, they are hand carved in silver! I do have some deer skulls and antlers and I can compare them with the necklace and they are perfectly done, I was very impressed.
You know I'm not into occult symbols and no longer want to wear any pentagrams and stuff like that but the good part about this is that the pentagram is made from string and you can take it off or even create a different pattern. I wanted to take some pictures with it the way it is but eventually I will remove it, it will still look pretty cool in my opinion. 
As you can see in the pictures, it sits elegantly on the chest and I think it's pretty versatile and can work with many looks. 
The only negative I have to say about this particular item is that the chain is a bit thin, but that's more personal preference because I'm known to be a bit clumsy and break chains hahaha. This is not a big problem because I can find silver chains to replace them if needed. Other than that I'm very happy with it and you will definitely see it in future shoots ;)

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