Review: Restyle (goth brand)

Hello ghouls!

I know you have waited for this review for a while. First of all I want to say that it's not sponsored, not affiliated and I'm pretty sure they don't know who I am. I bought everything myself, I do however have a wholesale account.

I started buying from in 2015 and I have 9 orders placed since then according to my account. Not all of the orders are mine, I have a little online shop and I also order for friends, either way I got to check out a lot of the products.
I actually didn't make any orders in 2016 but started ordering again now because the new outwear collection looked pretty cool.
The parcels arrive in about 5 working days. The shipping cost depends on what you are buying, I pay around 22 euros but if you get just a necklace for example it's around 5 euros.

If you click on the names of the items you will go to the website and can see the photos on the website and compare them ;)

I'm mostly gonna talk about the more recent purchases.
First of the Black Henna Bag. I actually got this from a local shop because I really needed a bag so I paid more than I normally would, I did however wanted this bag for a long time. I took the short handles off, I don't use them and couldn't find them for the pictures. It's a good size, I love round bags for some reason and the details are lovely. It's fake leather and I'm not sure how durable it is because It's on the thinner side. The embroidery also has some loose strings but noting major.
The bracelet that you see in these photos is also from Restyle, I like it a lot, it's an original design and looks badass. I'm not a fan of bracelets in general but this one I kinda like :D
The Harness Satchel bag is another favorite of mine. This one seams sturdy, it's made from some sort of black denim and fake leather. It's a bit bigger than expected but overall a good everyday bag that looks very cool. My favorite bag at the moment.
The last bag I want to talk about is the X Strap Holster Bag, this one is in the accessories-belts category. It's awesome, I'm impressed with this bag. I got it for concerts and events when I want my hands free. It perfectly fits your essentials: phone, wallet, keys and even a lipstick or something ;). I might need another one hahaha. You can turn it into a normal shoulder bag and even a bag-pack.
The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it's really hard to figure out  how to wear it hahaha. It has many straps and I just can't ... I need a bit of time with it. That's the reason why I didn't demonstrate in the photos the different ways you can wear it, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually ;)
We are moving now into the clothing category.
I've been searching for some decent hoodies for months untill I finally decide to order from Restyle. This is the Asymmetric Hoodie, it's not a new design but i thought it would look amazing.... it didn't.
I ordered a size S (i usually wear XS sometimes S). The size chart says that the S would be 74cm at the waist, I'm obviously much smaller than that but i did want it to fit comfortably and wear some sweaters underneath.
It fits horrible, like a potato sack, nothing like in the photos on the website. It's huge, it actually has a waist of over 80cm and can easily be worn by someone that wears an M or L.
It's also much thinner than expected and lets the neck area open, It keeps warm but you need a scarf if it's windy. The hood however I like a lot, it's perfect.
I initially wanted to re-sell it to someone that fits but after multiple try ons I realized that I actually love the way it looks open because of that asymmetrical cut, it looks awesome with a band T and some New Rocks. The fabric is very soft and feels super comfortable.
The next hoodie is the Layered Hoodie.
This time I ordered a size XS because I still needed a decent hoodie. But... even the XS is too big, It's also nothing like on the website.
In the description it says something in the lines of ''very thick cotton with velvet finish that can be worn in mild winter days'' I'm sorry to have to say this but that's complete bulls*t hahahaha
This hoodie is very thin, thinner than the previous one, and there's absolutely no velvet finish whatsoever, it's just a regular cotton hoodie.
Surprisingly they actually changed the description of this hoodie since then. (!)
A facebook friend of mine also ordered this exact hoodie and had the same issue plus the fact that the seams were super wonky (photos below) and she actually returned it (this and a coat).
Mine also has some weird seams but it's not that bad.
Also I forgot to mention that my hoodie arrived without the zipper thing, the moon ornament hahahaha. I did e-mail them immediately and they send over a replacement, it arrived right after I took these photos.
You can see that the XS is very loose and it's definitely not ''slim waist'' as they state on the website (i'm not pulling the fabric in the photos below just holding it)
It's a cute hoodie, but is it worth 60 euros? Definitely not!
Now because it was on sale and I had the wholesale discount I paid much less so I'm not extremely mad about it, I'll still wear it, it's a cute hoodie for everyday even if it doesn't fit exactly the way I want. I also think it might look cool with some patches and pins... what do you think?
I could return them but honestly I couldn't find any hoodies that I liked and that I could afford so I'm just gonna have to make them work.

I also have to mention that I did order for a friend a hoodie from the new collection, the Rune Hoodie, this one is a bit thicker and the girl that has it is very happy with it so I think the new ones are better.

The last clothing item I'm gonna talk about I know is very popular: the Future Goth Coat.
I've been searching for a cool winter coat for years! This was actually not my first choice but the one I wanted ( the Assassin Coat) was out of stock.
Anyway this coat is actually very nice. I like it. It looks very similar to the pictures on the website. Just be careful that the new collection of coats run small... yeah, it's f-ing confusing hahaha. Hoodies run big, coats run small, but just the new collection! I think the older coats also run big according to the size chart.
Even if I wear XS I order a size S because I figured I'm going to wear a sweater or sometnhing underneath and I want to move freely. This one fits very good!
My only issue that I got with this is the damn hood! I love hoods, especially big hoods but this one has a ''satiny'' finish and it's super slippery that means that when you move it will fall and cover half your face hahaha. I'm trying to figure out how to fix it...
Other than that it's a great coat, original design and it's actually quite warm. I didn't get to try it in very cold temperatures yet but just by trying it out it seems that it will be perfect in the cold winter months.

Over the years I got tot to try out many Restyle items, in the photos are just a few of them, I coudn't find photos of everything.
In general, Restyle is a great brand. The jewelry is very nice and with good prices. The accessories including the bags are decent quality, maybe some of them are not extremely durable (if you put a lot of stuff in them) but they are some of the coolest on the market. Clothing wise it's a hit and miss as you just saw. I also had a few t-shirts, shirts and skirts, they were pretty true to size, a few wonky seam here and there but overall ok. Special mention to the corsets, they are really good for the price, some of the best I've ever tried.
If I were to give an overall grade I would give a 7 out of 10.