Review: Dark In Love (goth brand)

Hello ghouls!

Yet another review, this time for the brand/shop Dark In Love. They create beautiful gothic clothing that is good quality and suitable for pretty much any dark style.

The first time I tried their stuff was from The Gothic Shop. I got a skirt and a dress that I really loved. You can read more about them here.
I liked their clothing so much that I had to incorporate more of their stuff in my photo shoots. So after a small misunderstanding on Instagram, I contacted the brand for a possible collaboration. I was in luck because they just launched some new designs. I don't normally go sending e-mails to brands unless I really like what they do and want to have them in my portfolio.
They are incredibly nice and understanding. I had some issues with customs but that's the fault of my country's stupid laws hahaha, normally you won't have this problem. I should have gotten the package in a week but because of those issues it stayed in customs for about 3 weeks until I could sort things out.
They ship (very fast) from China, you can order directly from their website or from retailers like The Gothic Shop that ships from UK. There are a few other shops that carry the brand, you just have to search ;)

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it online and I was not disappointed when I got it in my hands. The fabric is soft and stretchy but not too thin, very comfortable.
It has transparent mesh sleeves, faux leather insertions on the shoulders and of course the harness that I absolutely love. Btw, it's sewn on so you can't take it off.
It's a combination of witchy, trad and modern and it's perfect for a casual look or for an effortless fancy look depending on your style.
Very big plus for the fact that the neck has buttons and you don't smear your makeup when putting it on hahaha, you know I hate when that happens.

Next I got this velvet jacket. Honestly this impressed me the most because it looks much better in real life than on the website. The velvet and lace trims are good quality. I'm wearing it here in the snow but obviously this is an item suitable for warmer weather hahaha, I just had to take advantage of the first snow and shoot some photos. 
My only con about this would be the zipper, I think it's a bit flimsy and I have to be careful not to break it when I zip it up, I prefer sturdier zippers but that's just a personal preference. 

I got both this items in the size S, they fit good, I wish there was a smaller size available especially for the jacket but that's an issue I have with most brands. I wear an XS usually but if you wear an S this is true to size and you won't have issues. You can also find the measurements on the website for every item so make sure to check that out before ordering.

Hope this was helpful, take care :*