Review: Burleska

Hello ghouls!

Today's review is for another well known brand in the Gothic community: Burleska.

This UK brand has been in business for over 10 years and although it's mainly a wholesale company, you can also order from their website or their store in Camden Town, London. Other than that, pretty much all alternative shops carry many of their products.

Burleska has a huge range of products, from neo Victorian to fetish. The biggest selection they have and what they are most known for are obviously corsets.

My first contact with the brand was about 4 years ago, I got a corset, I believe second hand, a red and black one. it might as well been my first corset. Although not a proper heavy duty corset, it was a very nice quality, I was very proud of it and used to wear it everywhere.

Recently I got the chance to try out a few other products from the brand.
I generally see a lot of lace and elegant dresses but I wanted to go on a different path and got some (faux) leather and PVC.

The jacket, pants and corset from this outfit are from Burleska. Shoes are from New Rock Australia (discount code corvinusnewrock) and jewlery form Alchemy England (review here)
I got everything in the smallest size available (S & 20") and they all fit pretty good. The pants (link) are a bit loose on the waist but nothing a belt can fix. I love the zipper details and they way they sit on the legs. You can dress them up with corsets like I did here or with a band tee for a casual look.
The jacket (link) is also a bit loose on the arms but not visible and I do have rather skinny arms so I can't be mad about that. It has a late 90's vibe to it and the fishnet arms give it a unique touch.
The corset (found here) is mostly for fashion, it's not a waist trainer or anything like that and the silhouette is very soft. That being said, it's very comfortable, not only to wear but also to pun on because of the zipper.
The faux leather seems to be good quality, I'm very pleased with that because faux leather is many times cheap looking and doesn't last more than a season.

Next outfit is all shinny PVC.
The bolero, skirt and corset are from Burleska. The shoes are from Amazinggirl (review here).
I'm in love with this look. I especially like the corset (link) that I find very versatile and ads a ''wow'' factor to any outfit, even a simple one. The shape and comfort is similar to the previous one. It's harder to pun on because of the classic closure but if you have a bit of experience with that it shouldn't be an issue at all.
Again, I wish the skirt (link) was a bit smaller on the waist. I always have this issue with every skirt and pants I own hahaha. Other than that it's a pretty cool piece.
The spiked shrug(found here) was a bit of an experiment because I've never worn something like this before. It looks cool in photos but I'm not sure it's my thing. And I do mean boleros/shrugs in general, not this particular one.
The quality of the PVC is amazing. Like with the faux leather, PVC can be sensitive and not very long lasting but this doesn't' seem to crack when folding or moving and looks expensive in photos and real life. A+ for that!

Other than the website you can find Burleska on Facebook and Instagram
And if you have any questions about their corsets and corset wearing in general, make sure to check out their FAQ