Review: Kat Von D Beauty

Hello ghouls, and Happy New Year!

The first post of the year is a review of some make-up products by Kat Von D Beauty. I bought all of these myself from Sephora. I've been saving up for a few months to get them and I was really excited when I received the package. Some of these I got for Christmas and some of them before that so I've been using them for a month or two.
Just remember that this is my personal experience and they don't work the same for everybody.
I'm going to start with my least favorite items and the biggest disappointments... the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I got two: Exorcism and Nahz fur atoo. Now I know a lot of people love these but in my opinion they are some of the worse liquid lipsticks I ever tried and they are not worth the price. The colors are amazing, not too dry, very opaque and all that but, and it's a big 'but''... they have nothing 'everlasting' about them, half of it is gone after a cup of coffee, it starts to crumble and look disgusting in less than an hour. They also transfer quite a bit. I'm not new to liquid lipstics, I've been using them for years, I tried many brands (mostly drugstore) and I know there's something not right with these. Maybe they only work if you have perfectly smooth lips... I don't know hahaha
What I do like about them is that they actually work great as an eyeshadow base! They don't feel awkward, don't stain and stay on really good.
The liquid lipsticks were my first ever purchase from KVD Beauty but I still wanted to try more stuff even if I was disappointed. Particularly I wanted to see if the normal lipsticks are any better. I got the Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Cathedral. I hate nudes, I never find the right one, they all look horrible on me but this... this is the first nude that I actually love. I got it for an everyday look especially when I visit my grandparents that don't like when I wear too much makeup hahaha. My lips are very light with no pigment so I always wear some lip product.
It's matte, not drying, looks good even on dry lips, perfect shade and it lasts very well for a bullet lipstick, even better than the liquid ones in my opinion.
I've heard they actually made a new (better) formula of these lipsticks and you can also find some of the shades from the Everlasting line so I would recommend getting the Studded Kiss version of your favorite shade. These also work as an eyeshadow and even blush.
Next is one of my favorite things: the Lock it Concealer in White Out. This is perfect for you pale vampires :P. I actually never use concealer because they are all too dark. I got this to use as a highlighter under eyes, cheeks, nose and upper lip and it works amazing. The consistency is similar to that white paste we used to have in school to correct mistakes (correction fluid) but it's not that opaque and it blends and melts in the skin. I rarely use powders because I have dry skin and it stays for hours without creasing or doing weird things.
It also works very well as a eye-shadow base or to lighten up your foundation so it has a lot of uses and I love that.
This is a very famous product: The Alchemist Palette. These are more like toppers, they are not very spectacular if you use them alone but are magical over a dark base, the darker the base, the more pigmented they are. In the photo below I used just black eyeshadow and black lipstick topped with the Sapphire shade.
They are supposed to be highlighters as well but unfortunately they don't really show up on your cheeks if you are pale like me, I think they look better as highlight on a deeper skin tone but work great on the lips and eyes. I always use them in the inner corner as well.
The Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Smoke is a must have if you are smokey eye lover. It has everything you need, very basic and easy to use. The colors are pigmented and if you are pale you get a bonus cheek contour  because the base color  is perfect for that! I got this because I figured it's small and handy for when I travel and don't want to bring a lot of stuff with me.
Last but not least, we have the Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. At first I thought this was a rather boring palette but I was searching for a good base for the more colorful eyeshadows that I have. I don't use it alone very often, I tend to mix it with other stuff that I have.
It sits in 3 quads: neutral, cool and warm that can be used together or  in between. You also have pamphlets with instructions on how to define, lift and balance the eyes, very useful for beginners.
*the quads also have pamphlets
What I like about it is that it's a multi task product: the base eyesahdows (the big ones) can be used on the face as well! Laetus is great for setting under the eyes, Lazarus is the perfect contour shade and Ludwin can work as a very subtle peachy blush.
What I don't like about this palette is that the eyeshadows don't last very well and can crease a bit if you have very oily eyelids like me. Make sure to use a primer and set with powder before using them.
In conclusion: Kat Von D Beauty is decent brand, some are hits some are misses. I'm a sucker for cool packaging and this is the best make-up packaging I ever saw and that's a big plus for me personally. Some people love this makeup and some don't, I think you can't believe everything you read online and should try the products for yourself if you can.
I don't do a lot of makeup reviews because I don't own a lot of makeup and I'm not that good at it, I'm still learning but I wanted to talk about KVD products because I've been a fan of Kat for many years and I'm happy she managed to get this far, she's an inspirational figure and I want to show my support and appreciation.