Review: Leatherotics corsets

Hello ghouls!

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite brands. I've been buying Leatherotics corsets for a few years so I know a bit about their products and I think many of you would be interested ;)

In 2015 I started to get into corsets, I read a lot and watched maybe a hundred videos about them. If you know anything about corsets, you know that good quality corsets are very expensive. I had a hard time finding something that was a decent quality and in my price range.
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In my search for affordable corsets (after a few fails) I found Leatherotics. The prices were insane, huge discounts and positive reviews. I got two corsets to try out, the Curvy Black Satin Underbust and the 1214 Black Cotton corset that turned into my favorite corset design of all times.

Unfortunately the Curvy Black Satin was a bit too long for my torso, since a I was still a beginner at wearing corsets, I didn't knew that was going to be an issue. For you taller girls (and boys) this won't be a problem.
I don't find corsets that are too long, comfortable. I'm not a very tall person (165cm) so most normal corsets are too big. They give me acid reflux (heartburn) even if I don't tighten them too much. I don't have this issue with waist cinchers.

Instead, the 1214 is the most comfortable corset that I have ever worn and gives an amazing shape. It's very sturdy, I had mine for years and still looks good to this day. I would recommend this particular design to anyone.
Since my waist is pretty asymmetrical, I find that corsets like this give me a lot of confidence and back support
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Later on I got an even smaller waist trainer, the 1827. This one I use mostly underneath my clothes. It makes everything look amazing, especially tight dresses. It's very comfortable and unnoticeable while giving a soft hourglass shape. I particularly would recommend this one to skinnier people like myself, it tightens just in the right places.

The Edwardian Underbust in black leather I got from a girl on Facebook, second hand. It's a very beautiful piece, simple and elegant. Smooth leather and perfect shape for a variety of looks.
This one was also a bit long for me but otherwise it's great quality, soft leather, sturdy and with plenty of support.

A few moths ago I contacted the brand for a possible collaboration and I was fortunate enough to be accepted and try out more of their stuff.
Since I was so obsessed with the 1214, which by the way, comes in a variety of colors and finishes (click to see)  I wanted to try the leather one.
I paired it with these badass Full Grain Leather Gauntlets  (not my first choice but seeing the pictures, they do look awesome). They lace up all the way and they allow movement at the elbow. You do need help to put them on but once they are laced you won't have any issues with them.
I love this look, I love the products. I spend a whole day wearing this outfit and found it very comfortable. I would wear this corset every day if I could.
The shape and support that this corset gives me is just what I'm looking for. I wish I got a few backups so that I never live without it hahaha

The corsets that I have (or had) are all size 20" except the two last ones, they are size 22" but fit very well.

If you do enter the Leatherotics website, you should know that they have a lot of products, not only corsets. They have clothes, leather and non leather, all at affordable prices.

My only con with the brand is that 2 out of 5 times I got different things from what I ordered but fortunately they did fixed everything. Things like this do happen sometimes, people make mistakes and I don't hold that against them.
They do answer rather quickly to emails and I'm sure they can resolve any issue you might have.