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Hello ghouls!
I'm here with a new type of blog post, a breakdown of some of my favorite casual outfits from this year -so far- and how you can get a similar look.
This is meant to inspire and help you find certain items. You don't have to wear exactly the same combinations, quite the contrary, I suggest finding these items and style them to make them your own.
This is my take on a modern withcy look. It's a combination of nu-goth and traditional. I love the flow of the hoodie, I've been very into long jackets like this, they are not only comfortable but also make a statement when you walk down the street.
When you wear a lot of black or just black like I do, It's important to watch out for textures and combine them in such a way that it makes the outfit interesting.
Clothes are by the brand PunkRave, belt is by Restyle and jewelry by Rogue + Wolf but I got them from The Gothic Shop, except my glasses which are my regular prescription photochromic glasses that I got from my local optical shop.
This is what I would usually wear to go out to see a movie or it I have to walk around the city a lot. The jacket is one of my most prized possessions, it's a vintage Petroff, it has some pins with one of my favorite bands (Satyricon) and a cute bat pin from Killstar. 
The T-shirt is from a new horror-punk/rock band called I Was Myself For Halloween. You just can't go wrong with a band tee, black jeans and a biker jacket.
I got a lot of questions about this belt when I posted the look on social media, I modified it myself from a old belt I found thrifting. Modify things is always a good idea if you like unique pices.
The jeans are by Cheap Monday, I also got them second hand, they are just plain black, high waist skinny jeans, the only type of jeans I have.
Shoes are obviously New Rock, I wore these all winter, no mater the occasion. 
Similar JACKET
Similar PANTS
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Surprisingly I wore this outfit in December, we had an abnormally warm start of winter but we paid for that luxury with a very cold and snowy March hahaha.
The denim jacket is my boyfriend's, he got it from Pull&Bear,  a bit overpriced but he really needed one and we couldn't find an alternative back then.
You can find cool things at the Mall as well so you don't have to always stick to goth brands. I'm not a fan of fast fashion but I understand sometimes you have no other option.
The top is by a new brand called BlackWolfSiren , I'm in love with that print.
Belt/bag and bracelet are from Restyle. Shoes and boots are the same as above. I wear these jeans a lot actually.
Similar JACKET
This is a very simple outfit, we can even call it lazy but still kinda' cool in my opinion. I'm again with a long hoodie, this one is from Restyle. 
The print of the leggings from Badinka are the main component of this look. If you can't make an outfit interesting just with textures, prints are a great alternative. When I wear prints I always keep the rest of the outfit simple and the same color.
The choker is from Killstar and the shoes are the same as above. I don't own a lot of shoes because of  the space and because I love wearing quality cool shoes that are also easy to walk in so I'm very picky in this department :P 
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